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Management Training

Top ranking officers, department heads and supervisors will be included in this category. Training of such class will be aimed to promote the overall understanding of operation of the total system and how to get benefit from it. They will not only learn to use the specific MIS reports that will be developed within the scope of the project, but also to conceptualize role of possible future enhancement of information technology use in policy and decision making activities. The line manager /supervisor will gain the insight of the overall system, which will help them to do their day- to- day job in better fashion.

Training areas:
- Presentation on overall concept of the software and its scope & benefits
- Introduction to software/database/web applications/security concepts
- Hands on training on basic operating system functionality
- Demonstration on operation of the proposed software system
- Hand on training on how to use the software to extract MIS reports and use them as decision support or monitoring tools

End User Training

This group consist of people who will make and keep the system running using their skills and labor everyday. In this category there will be several functional groups depending on the area of their job and each group will be trained separately on their part. Business Register and consultant will define these groups during system analysis and client will provide the list of the training participants. The trainees will receive hands on training based on specific subjects rather than receiving conceptual understanding on overall functionality of the total system. This is the key training activity of the project.

Training areas
- Presentation on the overall concepts of the software systems and its scope and benefit.
- Demonstration on Operation of the proposed software system
- Hand on training on the specific area.

Technical Training

A strong technical team is required to maintain such a large system and provide prompt support to the user unless a complete outsourcing policy is adopted. Generally, technical users are from IT department of the company/organization/office or has already completed management and end they are officially responsible for smooth operation of the computer system after expiry of the post implementation support phase. Consultant can arrange based on agreement, training for such personalities who will work as system administrator/database administrator, programmer, web master etc. in areas specific to the scope of the project.

- Training areas
- Software administration
- Software trouble shooting
- Web administration
- Software error analysis and reporting
- Data backup & restore