Retail Businesses
Many retail businesses are focusing their attention on PrismERP solutions to meet their inventory, planning, and accounting needs.


A Compulsory module where every company need the legal and regular accountability and control over the accounting and finance department


This module will alleviate On-time Requisition, vendor Management, Contract Management. Conjointly offers access to approved provider, purchase order management, purchase enquiry to be floated to multiple vendors


PrismERP Import module enables you to manage your LC Import information effectively and easily. You can manage vendors documents, goods receive and payment related information easily. It has an extensive feature than you can add all expenses as cost with imported items.

Online Payment

PrismERP allows integrated online payment gateway module. You can manage payment related information easily.

Major Modules You May Need from PrismERP

Find the right Retail Business Management software for your organization. Free demos, price quotes and customer reviews ! PrismERP software keeps Retail Business satisfied by providing many advantages, especially by reducing time between order and delivery.

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