Business May Demand For Extra Customization

Challenges of Customization

PrismERP help you idealize, conceptualize design, implement and ma custom applications that run on any device – and in on premise, cloud, or hybrid environments – with help from our application services team.
Custom made applications are made to address specific requirements or fix gaps in software deployment for an Organization. The code and program is owned by the company outright, and modifications can be made on-the-fly.
Most of the times, customizations are initiated to save money, or to address a critical business function at a particular business.
The major challenge of customizations is that custom software are made to specific requirements. These types of software are inflexible and hard to manage. Once the person that wrote the application is not there again, the current team may struggle to maintain the code.
Meaningful data can be hard to extract from custom made application. Customized application may require the knowledge of specially trained personnel

COTS vs Customized ERP

Many organizations apply the 80/20 Rule when considering COTS and Customized ERP. If you can’t find a product that satisfies at least 80% of your requirements, you’re likely to end up with a solution that falls short and needs to be replaced. Even if you do find an 80% solution, you may find that you don’t want to sacrifice the remaining 20% of your needs.
A custom ERP is designed with your business in mind so that it’s less likely your business processes will have to change to fit the ERP solution. Choosing a custom ERP solution provider may be challenging —Turning to PrismERP for your custom Customized ERP solution can save you from unnecessary expense.
Identified below are some of the challenges of COTS -
Difficult to Customize
Paying for Unwanted Features
Lack of Extensibility
COTS Ongoing Expenses vs. Initial Layout for Custom

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