ERP Training is a mandatory service upon ERP acquire


PrismERP can take your training beyond ordinary ERP level; we engage employees to update the skills throughout work life. We offer a wide variety of ERP training to help broaden workers expertise and competencies in the work workplace. PrismERP team boasts high quality personnel that help your organization meet specific goals of improving one’s capability and performance.

Training is what keeps organization going and redefining strategies: ERP is an essential component of 21st century business model. Without appropriate ERP training, organizational workforce would find it difficult to get the best from ERP system.

PrismERP want to help you conquer business challenges and help your organizations redefined. We want our ERP system decentralize your business process and get things done from remote location. Appropriate training is required to forge you ahead.

One of the key features of our ERP training is to show you how organizational data is captured and get redefined for business intelligence.

ERP systems constantly change due to upgrades, additional features, or addition of new functionalities; that's why we have PrismERP training to keep you moving with the ERP world.

ERP training is an ongoing business requirement and not a one-time event.

We have engaged a lot of organizations with PrismERP training. We have created hundreds of training programs.

Based on our experience we have compiled key areas of training required by ERP newbies

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Why it is Necessary?

PrismERP training is necessary because we guide and explain how to perform basic ERP tasks as well as why to perform it. Your organization want to understand how ERP fit into the overall business process and how its actions might impact other process steps downstream. We ensure that PrismERP training materials are applicable to your business process - we include lots of hands-on practice.

During the course of PrismERP training, we track employee’s progress against well-defined ERP training program goals and milestones. We make sure to set and communicate these goals and milestones at the beginning of the training program, and then hold employees accountable with timed and graded final exams to ensure ERP knowledge transfer and retention.

Training Types

PrismERP has different training modules on ERP. Our training cuts across different functionalities on ERP solution. We have administrative training for user and role management, audit module training for audit administration and security management training.

Administrative Training - on User/Role Management; teaches you how to create efficient business processes and assign role to users on the PrismERP platform. More importantly, you will learn how to get exactly what you want from PrismERP solution.

Auditing; almost everything in ERP impacts auditing and accounting. PrismERP training teaches you the processes and controls that enable your team on how to work with audit and accounting modules in PrismERP software

Whether you are looking to install ERP for your company or you are an aspiring ERP integrator, you will learn the tools, tips and practices to support and customize PrismERP solution - whether it is administration, or auditing, or security or integration, we've got you covered.

We offer a wide selection of training courses and educational programs to help broaden worker and employer in their workplaces.

Our training bundle include educational materials that help businesses train their workers and comply with the 21st century IT standard.

PrismERP team consists of high quality personnel that help your organization meet specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.