Virtual chartered accountant that ensures financial accountability of your business

PrismERP gives you a platform to maintain proper accounting of your business without a CA. It provides customer balance sheets with ledgers, so that you can easily get all financial transactions of a customer in detail. PrismERP gives you journal and ledger book with proper financial statements.

Create Financial Road map

Provides a platform which makes financial plan of the business, so that business process stays on track. Handles payroll, tax and other business accounting activity and remove financial disaster.

Intelligent Customer Management

Customers are the main income source of a business. So to run and increase business in proper management is a must. PrismERP offers an efficient customer management portal.

Smart way to do Transaction

Manages business operation cost and payment to vendors with full understanding from where money goes and from where it comes. Removes financial risk by ensuring that clients and customers are paying as expected.

Ensures Exceptional Service

PrismERP examines the full business demand of financial industry and delivers a complete robust system along with some exceptional feature making business growth stronger.

Fully Configured System

All the business demands are automated and managed properly in the ERP system so that the software is well equipped and configured to deliver the greatest output to customer and error free service.

Timely Reminders

Smart way to notify and remind of certain policies, packages or business service related to this industry and system will automatically remind each and every customer of all the new services, existing services etc.

Customer Assessment

ERP system can easily verify and assess all type of data easily so that accurate data is a must in every business or in audit firms.

Human Resource Management

Smart HRM solution that helps to manage the overall business staff and employee. Complete HRM process is defined in the system that includes attendance, generating salary, overtime working etc.

Call Centre

Customer support is the primary figure in Telecom which is a system storing all the complains, logs, recordings and generate ticket to solve the issue

Audit Trail

Smart way to manage audit firms, insurance companies and many other financial institutes to make business broader and help in growth development

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