PrismERP - Production Planning & Control

Delivers reliable facts and statistics with proper production planning & control

Production Planning & Control (PPC)

Strengthen organizational effectiveness by properly distributing resources

Recruitment & Job Portal

Excelent assistance in selecting deserving candidates

Regular purchase operations can often prove to be quite a challenge if not taken care of properly. PrismSCM is the one-stop solution to process both local and foreign purchase based activities in an accurate and efficient manner saving you tons on cost and effort.


  • Select best professionals
  • Candidate management
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Regular job updates
  • Create & manage job
  • Larger network
  • Faster hiring

Core Features

  • Configuration Master Settings
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Candidate Portal
  • Recruitment
  • CV Bank

Production Management

Keeping records from start to end of every manufacturing related works

Activities for PrismERP production management include sequential steps including gathering raw materials, assembling them all, marking and cutting, QC, finishing, pressing, packaging, and shipping, followed by customer delivery while upholding customer requirements.


  • Minimize Damage and Losses
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cost
  • Assure Product Availability
  • Faster Production Process
  • Ensure Product Quality
  • Increased Profitability
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Waste Reduction

Core Features

  • Routing Configuration
  • Bill of Materials
  • Pre-Costing

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production planning & intelligent scheduling utilizing every valuable seconds

Just-in-time scheduling, which represents the present state of resource availability, is generated by PrismERP production planning and scheduling. An efficient production plan serves to increase productivity, decrease waste, and improve efficiency, all of which ensure organizational profitability.


  • Efficient Utilization of Resources
  • Monitor and Track Progress
  • Ensure On-time Delivery
  • Saving Production Cost
  • Effective Process Flow
  • Reduce Inventory Cost
  • Eliminate Time Waste

Core Features

  • Forward and Backward Scheduling
  • Just-In-Time Configuration
  • Event & Step Configuration
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning

Plant Maintenance

Preventive & corrective maintenance

PrismERP plant maintenance solution makes it easier to understand at what rate and quantity machinery can produce outcome, confirming 100% utilization of proper resources with preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.


  • Proper Planning Identification
  • Smoother Production Floor
  • Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Reduce Quality Defects
  • On Time Notification
  • Track on-time Report
  • Parallel Scheduling

Core Features

  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Maintenance Operation 
  • Maintenance Ticket
  • Maintenance Log
  • QC Purpose

Material Requirement Planning

Strategic & demand driven planning, scheduling, & inventory control for systematic production

The production process is more effective when required raw material calculations and purchase reservations are made automatically based on production planning. PrismERP's material requirement planning allows to configure the necessary raw materials for finished goods as well as the input raw materials, output products, and production planning for each part separately.


  • Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Greater Resource Optimization
  • Control Supply Chain Activities
  • Assures Materials Availability
  • Increase Labor Productivity
  • Fully Automated process
  • Time Saving Solution
  • Effective scheduling 

Core Features

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Consumption Analysis
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lean Management

Quality Control

Assure top-notch quality as per customer demand & meet global standards

PrismERP quality control ensures the standard quality by routinely monitoring and tracking each stage of production. This improves the business by lowering waste and providing the highest possible outputs of finished goods.


  • Enhance Customer satisfaction
  • Maintain Global Standard
  • Step by Step Checking
  • Quality Reports Data
  • Defect Identification
  • Technical Evaluation

Core Features

  • Quality Control MIS Dashboard
  • Package Units Configuration
  • Quality Section Management
  • Quality Personnel
  • QC Approval


Systematic packing list with bar-code

PrismERP packaging guarantees the unique identification of every product through a variety of processes, including primary packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging, labeling with a distinctive product barcode.


  • Enhanced Product Usability
  • Individual Product Bar-code
  • Easy Product Identification
  • Maintain Product Safety
  • Product Differentiation
  • Customer Satisfaction

Core Features

  • Automated Data Update
  • Package Tracking

Shipping & Logistics

Courier & packing list, shipment schedule management, automated data update

Ensure the customer requirement with maintaining the proper deadline to create the superlative apprehension with PrismERP’s effective shipping and logistics planning.


  • Comprehensive Report Generate
  • Figure out your Real-time data
  • Shipping Resource Organize
  • Schedule management
  • Courier & Packing List
  • On-time Reminder
  • Meet the deadline

Core Features

  • Shipping Schedule Management
  • Shipping Resource Plan
  • Courier & Packing List
  • Line Loading

Provident Fund & Gratuity Fund

One stop provident & gratuity fund solution

PrismERP provident fund and gratuity fund allows total oversight of fund calculations in one place. It’s a simple and fast way to receive accurate fund & transaction reports.


  • PF Calculations Integration with Payroll Process
  • View Employee Specific PF Journal
  • Manage Interest Based PF Loans
  • Multiple Refund Policy setup
  • Refund Interest Calculations
  • Unscheduled PF Calculation
  • Customize PF & GF Policy
  • Gratuity Configuration

Core Features

  • Provident Fund Management
  • Refund Management
  • PF Accounting
  • PF Loan
  • Gratuity

Bill Claim

Manage employee expense claim and disbursement with faster visibility

Bill/Expense Claim is made when employees make expenses out of their pocket on behalf of the company. For example, if they visit a customer premises and want to make a claim on the transportation expenses. The claim can be made through the employees own self service portal (ESS Portal). They can see the claims they have made and the status of those claims.


  • Information Accuracy
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Expense overview
  • Improve Visibility
  • Faster Process
  • Less Error

Core Features

  • Employee Bill Claim From ESS
  • Advance Bill Adjustment
  • Bill claim Purpose
  • Bill Disburse
  • Bill Sanction
  • Claim Bill

Card Receipt

Easier process for credit/debit card payment by automatic calculation

Configure card receipt machines and bank wise policies and take payment from customers via card machines. All charges applicable will be automatically calculated based on the policies and appropriate general ledger is always kept updated. Based on the automatic calculation, PrismFMS saves the organization time and money both.


  • Organization Transparency
  • Transaction clearity
  • Secure transaction
  • Save valuable time
  • Detail Information
  • Easier process

Core Features

  • Bank Charge Management
  • Card Device Management
  • Card receive voucher list
  • Multiple Type of Cards

Cheque Books

Issues cheques for all the relevant financial transactions of an organization

Cheque book management provides the ability to print and track all cheques easily and maintain the status of each individual check from issued to bank until clearing.


  • Information Transparency
  • Secured transaction
  • Convenient Method
  • Limit Free Service
  • Less Expensive
  • Online Tracking

Core Features

  • Received Cheque Management
  • Cheque Leaf Management
  • Direct Cheque Printing
  • Multiple Cheque Status
  • Cheque Register
  • Cheque History
  • Issued Cheque

Optimize efficiency through allocating accurate resources with smarter production planning and control

Monitor & Track Progress

With PrismERP's Production solution, each production step's progress is tracked and every error is acknowledged through in-depth reports. It became simpler to follow an organization's progress according to those comprehensive reports and ongoing observation.

Reduced Wastage

Excess production and uncalculated resource procurement can be brought to 0% by proper utilization of resources. PrismERP production planning and control minimizes waste and boosts an organization's profitability by carrying out efficient production planning and scheduling.

Corrective Action On Critical Issues

Effective production planning and management enable reliable data and calculations, making it simpler to take necessary action.

Accurate Statistical Forecast

Through PrismERP production planning and control, the forecast function creates statistical quality reports for each item, balancing the entire operational system of the company.

Performance Appraisal

Performance management & self appraisal to ensure satisfactory result

PrismERP’s Performance management system is a standardized evaluation tool and a well organized systematic method of documenting and evaluating an employee’s job performance and to check the development opportunities for the employees.


  • Employee Development Planning
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Better working environment
  • Recognize Best Talent
  • Actionable Feedback
  • Set Clear Objectives

Core Features

  • Performance Criteria (Single or Group)
  • 360 Degree Performance Appraisal
  • Bonus & Unscheduled Payment
  • Performance Rating System
  • Consolidate Appraisal 
  • KPI Bank

Disciplinary Management

Conduct all the necessary steps required to improve employee's productivity

Control the overall workforce management by taking necessary disciplinary actions to manage employee restrictions through PrismERP disciplinary management. It allows an organization to conduct all the necessary steps required to improve employee's productivity and maintain formal discipline of an organization.


  • Eliminates the Mishandled Actions
  • Professional Working Environment
  • Maintain Formal Discipline
  • Conduct Necessary Steps

Core Features

  • Disciplinary Statement Reason
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Warning Letter
  • Show Cause

Final Settlement & Exit Clearance

Transparent settlement with employee during their exit

PrismERP can easily maintain all remaining finances and settlements due when an employee leaves the company. This includes employee-assigned assets and transaction-related information due for return. Complex settlements can finally be made easily manageable by PrismERP.


  • Maintain Bill Processing Operations Before Separation
  • View Manager Portal Assigned to Your Employee
  • Pre-Custom Templates for Exit Clearance
  • Add and Manage Exit Clearance
  • Advanced Final Settlement

Core Features

  • Advanced Final Settlement
  • Employee Separation
  • Bill Processing
  • Exit Clearance
  • My PaySlip

Budget & Cost Center

Complete solution for a smart and effective budget

An elegant solution for a central cost center, with elite budget provision for each individual. PrismERP budget and cost center can maintain each individual section within your budget.It provides the easy view of the budget per task or project. The Cost Centre Feature can be organized efficiently, in order to track and maintain accurate budgeting for your organization.


  • Monthly Alerts and Summaries
  • Yearly Expense Comparison
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Category Visualization
  • Elite Payroll View
  • Expense Trends

Core Features

  • Efficient Distribution Feature
  • Smart, Accurate Forecasting
  • Budget Scenario Creation
  • Summary of Expenses

Why PrismPPC?

  • Smarter production planning
  • Meet customer demands
  • Resource allocation

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