PrismERP - Core System Components

Utilize more versatile & dynamic user access management with PrismERP Core System Components

Core System Components (CSC)

Ensure highest level of security for crucial business data with multi layer security features

PrismERP Core

Core system includes in-built security components, privileged access management, configuration and system management toolkits

PrismERP core includes the core application framework and architectural foundation upon which the whole application is built upon. This advanced low code foundation has built in security controls, a robust set of system management & configuration toolkits combined with advanced privileged access management controls and several integration options that truly defines an enterprise information system.


  • Extremely Integrated Solution
  • Specific User Administration
  • Better Security Control
  • Advance Functionality
  • Upgraded Features
  • Flexible Solution

Core Features

  • User Access Control
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Extensibility
  • Security

Ensure the extensibility of functional modules and the core application's foundation.

Functional Extensibility

The PrismERP core system components solution provides appropriate access control without sacrificing the extensibility of functional modules and the foundation of the core application. PrismERP is more versatile and secure for multiple user access due to its advanced security controls and well integrated features.

Improve business application

PrismERP provides fast and easy, low code development tools to create and continuously improve the business application at a scale. The core system components are easily develop and integrated with the prismERP modules that supports business and development collaboration. 

Ensuring proper security

The highest level of security for crucial business data is provided via single sign-on authentication and additional multi layer security features. In addition to two-factor authentication, dynamic user access management, and IP restrictions, PrismERP also provides a seamless backup solution for any kind of disaster recovery and an integrated security system.

Branch Management

Branch wise licensing provides flexibility for companies with multiple operational hubs located in different locations

PrismERP branch management provides an in-depth assessment of how multiple branches that are located in multiple location are completing their operational tasks that must be finished on time with proper requirements.


  • Systematic Branch Management
  • Required Performance Reports
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Higher Level Decision Making
  • Real-time Data Availability
  • Easier Branch Monitoring
  • Stemline Daily Tracking

Core Features

  • Branch Performance Checklist
  • Maintain Multiple Branches
  • Branch wise Configuration
  • Branch wise User Access
  • Branch wise Reports

Business Intelligence

Robust set of reports & analytics combines a business intelligence

Business intelligence gathers, organizes, and integrates all of an organization's raw data through PrismERP, which offers powerful insights that support timely business-related decision-making to maximize operational benefits.


  • Consistently Identifying Business Issues
  • Improving Internal Business Procedure
  • Boost Operational Effectiveness
  • Comprehensive Report Viewer
  • Recognize Industry Trends
  • Multiple User Dashboard
  • Overall Operations View

Core Features

  • In browser Report Viewer
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Role wise Dashboard
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Report Designer


Industry standard single sign on authentication with additional security features

PrismCAS permits a user to access multiple applications while providing their credentials (such as user id and password) only once to a central CAS Server application. PrismCAS can integrate with active directory, database or other third party services like google accounts.


  • Optimized low cost for storage
  • Smooth data recovery process
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Statutory compliance
  • One click uploads
  • Absolute security
  • Faster downloads

Core Features

  • LDAP/OIDC/SAML/Active Directory/Support
  • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Centralized Role Management
  • Central Access Control

Document Management

Full flourished, platform ready and secured document storage solution

PrismERP document management offers a cloud-based system aids in document organization and archiving with adequate access control, enabling rapid access for big data analysis and other uses.


  • Export/Import of Data in All Formats
  • Convenient Access Control System
  • Simple Online Storage Solution
  • Individual User Access Point
  • Specific User Access Portal
  • Overall Document List
  • User Based Reporting

Core Features

  • Paperless Document Management
  • Authorized Documents Sharing 
  • Access Control & workflow
  • Data in Multiple Formats
  • Cloud Storage & Backup
  • Archiving & Retrieving 


Scheduled backup for disaster recovery & business continuity

Losing data unexpectedly won't be a nightmare any longer since PrismERP's seamless backup solution offers the highest level of data security.


  • Comprehensive Data Security
  • Faster and Flexible Recovery
  • Various Recovery Methods
  • Automated Backup Option
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Fully Protected Database
  • Manage Cache Recovery
  • Built-in Security System
  • Scheduled backup

Core Features

  • Point-in-Time Restoration
  • Application Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Backup

Why PrismCSC?

  • Eliminate duplicate data
  • Multi layer security
  • Integrated business applications

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