Keep your system secure by 2FA, also notify yourself and clients as well

PrismERP has a prominent SMS/Email Service system. The SMS/Email System provides with every means to get notifications from the system as well as this can run on any operating field of business.

SMS Gateway Integration

PrismERP allows to integrate your preferred SMS gateway with ERP system. So far, the platform itself has its SMS services for the ERP clients.

Email Gateway Integration

Similar to SMS, PrismERP integrates with the 3rd party SMTP gateway. This Web application offers its own SMTP services to the ERP clients.


SMS and Email is a mandatory add-ons for 2-FA authentication process and all other notifications from ERP System. Administrators are allowed to enable or disable preferred point to triggering notifications.

Flexible Templates

Flexible templates allows to use any application data in message and receiver options. Such as a template for sale order will get access to any information of that sale order.

API Integration & Convenient Service

Easy API integration for external systems. Convenient service packages according to the business need.

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