Works in both offline & online mode

Point of Sale is a virtual checkout stand for physical store, complete with a register, a customer database with a rewards program, a product inventory system. PrismPOS deals with Inventory and Financial aspects of Cash register systems,bar code scanners, invoice, lock screen and payment method

Informative Dashboard

PrismPOS dashboard gives a bird's- eye view of the business. Customer count, sale orders, purchase orders, vendors, account summary are some of the many dashboard information

Quick System Search

PrismPOS offers global search providing module to module movement at a short period of time

Advanced Search on Reports

Search criterias are more in-depth and allows to seep into the business operations with one click. Report wise search, date wise search, branch wise search, product wise search, multi product search are some of the search criteria

Secured System

Python based system which assures security in a much wider aspect. 2FA authentication, API restriction, user role-wise restriction also classifies the system as Secured

Multi Terminal/Outlet Support

PrismPOS allows central support (admin) of multiple terminals and produces terminal wise reports for detailed information on each terminal transactions and operations

Multi Stock Support

PrismPOS enables the user to create multiple inventories and allows transfer between inventories such as, branch to branch stock transfer

Sale Order Draft system

Sale order draft is the most critical feature for any POS user. User can save customer sale orders which can be easily edited by further products or information

Security of Data

As a server based system the huge chunk of datas are never at risk of loss. Moreover, users can find out records of past transactions or track record of a product at any time

Export Reports to PDF, XLS, DOC, HTML

 Multiple payment method is always a greater demand from clients which is useful for customer to buy products.

PrismPOS Features & Reports

POS Admin Features

  • Individual Cash Management
  • Cash Account Management
  • Cash/Bank Ledger
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Ledger Book
  • Journal
  • Cash (Debit/Credit) Receipt
  • Card Charge Management
Product Management
  • Product Category/Item Grouping
  • Product Price Configuration
  • Low Stock Configuration
  • Customer Category Wise Price Setting
  • Multiple Units of Measurement
  • Barcode
  • Image Settings
  • Hot Product Settings
Inventory Delivery Management
  • Stock In / Out
  • Stock Status
  • Damage/Bad Stock Management
Purchase Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Product Entry By Barcode
  • Discount Earnings from Vendor
  • Partial Goods Receive Note
  • Barcode Printing
  • Purchase Cancellation
Promotions & Membership Cards
  • Sales Promotion & Discounts
  • Membership Card Number Generation
  • Multiple Membership Card Category
  • Sales Point Calculation
  • Cash Point Adjustment
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Cancellation
  • Multiple Payment Methods
Party Management
  • Multi Customer Category
  • Vendor/Manufacturer
  • Party Ledger
Login & Security
  • Login By User/Password
  • Login Time Control
  • 2FA Authentication
  • IP Restrictions
  • Trusted Browsers
System Features
  • User Management
  • User Role Management
  • System Notifications over SMS/Email
  • POS Card Device Settings
  • Terminal Configuration

POS Admin Reports

  • Date Wise Sales
  • Product Wise Sales Report
  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Sales Cancellation Report
  • Sales Person Wise Sales
  • Terminal Wise Sales Report
  • VAT Report
  • Product Wise Profit/Loss
  • Vendor Wise Purchase Report
  • Purchase Order List Report
  • Purchase Cancellation List Report
  • Product wise Purchase Report
Product Management
  • Product List
  • Product Ledger
Inventory & Delivery
  • Low Stock Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Damage Product Report
  • Closing Report
Party Management
  • Customer Transaction Summary
  • Customer Balance/Due Report
  • Vendor Balance/Due Report
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Daily Expense Report
  • All Transactions
  • Voucher List

POS Terminal

  • Product Search by Barcode/Name/Code
  • Customer Search by Code/Name/Phone
  • Number/Membership Card No.
  • Per Product VAT and Discount
  • Customer Membership Point Display
  • Multiple Draft Invoice
  • Invoice Correction By Admin
  • Product Image Display
  • Hot Products Shelf
  • Multiple Payment Methods (Cash & Cards)
  • Customer Contact Information
  • Save Invoice
Login Security
  • Login By User/Password
  • Lock Screen
System Features
  • Shortcut Keys for Quick Access
  • SMS Invoice to Customer
  • Rapid Search
  • Quick Access
  • Faster Printing
  • Reprint
  • Invoice List with Advance Search
  • Product List with Advance Search
  • Customer List with Advance Search
  • Card Reader List
  • Promotional Product List
  • Daily Sales Closing
Hardware Support
  • POS Printer
  • Barcode Reader
  • Cash Drawer
  • VFD Display
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Barcode Printer
  • Membership Card Printer

Integration with PrismERP

PrismPOS integrates PrismERP for enhanced connectivity. This integration enables user to perform sale orders, vat calculation, inventory checking, sales return etc. PrismERP integration eliminates the need of any manual entry into the database as all the barcode scanned datas are automatically processed into PrismERP.

How PrismPOS works?

The whole functionality consist of a central server from the PrismERP application that acts as a Virtual inventory. With PrismPOS, you can place order from different outlets in both offline & online mode which will impact in the backend system on the inventory and will show accurate stock status in different outlets. Also when integrated with online order placing or Mobile application order, this will automatically impact on the virtual inventory as well. The overall method allows you to make easy selling with clear stock information & proper delivery to the customer.

PrismPOS- login page

Login with your designated 'user name' & 'password' secured by 2 factor authentication

PrismPOS- Product add

Add any product and fill the required boxes of details to recognise a product easily

PrismPOS- New order

View your order list along with the image of the product and product price

PrismPOS- Sale order list

View delivery status, payment method, price, party name, voucher date and many other categories in sale order list

POS Packages

Single Outlet (offline)









Single Outlet (online)









Multiple Outlets (Online/Offline)









Hardware Requirements

Outline online

Outlet offline

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