Why you need an ERP for your business?

Every business is unique and has its own pace of developments and changes. But every business organization aims to evolve into a larger enterprise while ensuring sustainability for days to come. Enterprise Resource Planning comes into play when organizations starts looking for sustainability.


Significance of Web Based ERP System

Some business organizations start their journey by incorporating all the required segments from the very beginning to ensure maximum productivity. On the other hand, there are still many organizations which prefer to go bare minimum while kicking off their ideas into the real world.

Either way the necessity of an automated system to run a business gets more solid when an organization gets bigger and operations becomes trickier with various compliances to adhere to.

There are multiple reasons why a business seeks an ERP. We have compiled a few major reasons for your understanding and to find reasons to implement an ERP to make your business operations easier.


Legal Compliance Adherence

An ERP provides transparency of business processes which is a major element of regulatory or legal compliance. From procuring materials to production until final delivery of products, an ERP system is the only solution which can track the flow and movements of production. This functionality of an ERP enables the organization to go through an audit seamlessly and meet compliances without any failure.


In-depth information organizer

An ERP system acts as a storehouse for a business. It consolidates all the information taken from multiple departments and stores in one system thus employees do not need to waste time looking for a certain file or document manually. Every single detail of a business be it a transaction, a shipment or a procurement activity, all of these can be stored within the ERP system without fearing any loss or misplacement.


Maximized Productivity & workflow

Employees of an ERP -run- business do not have to dwell on time consuming paper works and manually tracking operations. This leaves them enough time to spend their time on tasks which needs instant attention.

Employees can also depend on the system to find for relevant documents from another department which often comes in handy in their regular tasks.

Often an employee is responsible for safe keeping of sensitive documents which turns out to be more stressful. An ERP thus takes care of all that safe-keeping and gets rid of any liability on an employee. Therefore, an automatized system enables the employees to be productive and ensures smooth workflow.


Easier Tracking

When a business operation includes supply chain management, it has to deal with materials coming and getting delivered to different locations. With an ERP system, tracking of stock can be done accurately. In a complicated operation like supply chain things like expired product, over-selling, over- ordering are expected, which can be easily eliminated with an ERP system. With such thorough process of an ERP every product gets recorded and the chance of wastage gets removed.


Cost control

Implementing an ERP in a company, saves the need to hire more employees as almost every administrative tasks can be done through the system. A business can save on employee training, paper costs, inventory and the overall per head cost. From an investment point of view, the savings outweighs the expenses which becomes fruitful for a company in the long run.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

An error-free work environment results in delivering quality, delay-free services. Considering the quality of service customers starts trusting the brand and keeps on coming back. In addition, a consistent quality of service of a company achieves greater profit and prominence in the market.


Real-Time Communication

ERP system can help grow internal communication as well interaction between customers and vendors. The availability of real-time communication platform allows coordination between finance, sales, marketing and many other departments. Instant responses and collaboration between colleagues stems productivity and profitable outcomes.


Receptive towards shifts

As an automated system, an ERP takes changes or shifts of tactics effortlessly. Often a change of authority means a shift from old procedures to a newer one. This kind of changes are possible and less hectic if the employees do not have to go through tedious paper works. Only an ERP lead administration can take changes easily and end such procedure within a short span of time.  


Company Improvement Reports

An ERP led business is always up-to-date about the performance of their executives, supervisors and everyone related to the company revenue. As every outcome is recorded in the system thus planning and making impactful strategies becomes easier.

PrismERP is an ERP system which does all the above and more. This independent platform can take the overall control of a business operation. It’s information organizing system, inventory tracking system, real-time communication provision can make business complexities simpler. The integration options makes inter branch communication easier and opens up many opportunities for the user to broaden the business.

Currently PrismERP is focused on more than 35 industries and can also be utilized for a scope of service-centric organizations such as health-care, government, banking, education etc. Apart from that, integration with various 3rd party application or business functions can be managed through PrismERP.

So, if you are looking for an all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning system to speed up your business processes, PrismERP can be the needs and requirements for your business.

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