Help you reduce your backup cost using the 3rd party storage like Google Drive

Assertively predominate team driven partnerships through web-enabled users. Globally enhance accurate niches after 24/7 paradigms. Uniquely e-enable clicks-and-mortar best practices.One of the best back up service you can ever want for your system.

Back up To Drive

Takes down all your data to the drive from the system.You can configure the path source from where the data files will be transferred to the system.

Back Up & Restore

You can restore all your old data directly from the system by assigning the number of days or time period of previous data which are required.

Upload Files To System

With the cloud back up there is an easy way to upload your data zip files from the computer to the system.

Authentication Process

Authentication and verification is a must for the amateur or first time users for proper validation as well ensuring secured backup process by originating a google drive ID.

Upload Files from 3rd Party

From the Cloud backup system you can easily upload files to the list from the other system such desktop or Laptop or personal computer. Making sure that the files should be compressed or in zip format.

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