PrismERP - Supply Chain Management

Smart and effective supply chain management for higher customer satisfaction

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Determine the current state of individual supply chain activities through PrismSCM

Purchase (Local & Foreign)

Convinent solution for all stages of procurement

Regular purchase operations can often prove to be quite a challenge if not taken care of properly. PrismSCM is the one-stop solution to process both local and foreign purchase based activities in an accurate and efficient manner saving you tons on cost and effort.


  • Purchase return & exchange
  • Purchase VAT calculation
  • Purchase cancellation
  • Increased revenue
  • Purchase invoice
  • Purchase request

Core Features

  • Procurement Reference Tracker
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Return & Exchange
  • Purchase VAT Calculation
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Cancellation
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Purchase LC (Import)
  • Product Requisition
  • Purchase Request

Purchase Delivery

Detail delivery information with reference to purchase order/invoice

Track out all the shipment and delivery of goods with detailed information that are being purchased from the system. These delivery methods can be performed partially or fully depending on the demand. PrismERP purchase delivery helps to issue good received notes or material received notes.


  • Enhance customer communication
  • Efficient order management
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Delivery information
  • Streamline process
  • Invoice accuracy

Core Features

  • Delivery Challan Without PI
  • Automated PI from GRN
  • Goods Received Note
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Purchase Return
  • 2-way matching
  • Partial Delivery
  • PI from GRN

Purchase Quality Control

Maintain quality benchmark through extensive quality control

The best product quality is guaranteed by purchase quality control, which helps to attract in more consumers. PrismERP minimizes the potential of possible low quality goods in the inventory to ensure the product you receive as per the quality control guideline of your company.


  • Satisfaction of consumers
  • Better resource utilization
  • Reduce inspection cost
  • Set quality benchmark
  • Elimination of waste
  • Higher profitability

Core Features

  • Third Party Quality Control
  • Purchase Quality Analysis
  • QC Template
  • QC Checklist

Inventory Control

Inventory with automated accounting system

By eliminating unnecessary inventories and maintaining appropriate stocks material, Inventory control ensures smooth production operations which avoids shortage of demandable material.


  • Improve warehouse productivity
  • Product batch management
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Inventory accounting
  • Greater automation
  • Product booking
  • Reduce cost

Core Features

  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Product Images & Attachments
  • Inventory Summary Portlets
  • Sample Products Inventory
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Asset Items on Inventory
  • Damage Products Stock
  • Rack-Shelf Distribution

Demand Forecasting

forecast upcoming sales trend & plan accordingly

Demand forecasting allows immediate stock replenishment, improved capacity management, and the highest possible sales and profits. PrismERP demand forecasting reduces the chances of overstocking or stockouts. Proper forecasting ensures correct inventory at the right time which allows just in time production.


  • Create business opportunities
  • Optimize production planning
  • Faster inventory management
  • Enhance resource allocation
  • Effective business strategy
  • Better financial decision

Core Features

  • Distributor wise demand forecasting
  • Territory wise demand forecasting
  • Product Wise demand Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Analytical Graphs
  • Demand Planning 

Supply Chain Planning

Demand to delivery, manage complete cycle of supply chain

From demand forecasting to inventory and risk management, supply chain planning helps to synchronize entire supply chain activities. An efficient supply chain planning assures business growth in a sustainable way in the competitive market.


  • Enhanced risk reduction
  • Improve quality control
  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Shipping optimization
  • Better collaboration
  • Reduce expenses

Core Features

  • Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity
  • Safety Stock

Supplier Relationship Management

Maintain relationship with supplier with reducing operational overhead

The main goal of supplier relationship management is to establish a beneficial relationship between an organization and its suppliers. It makes more collaborative relationships with key suppliers to realize new value and reduce risk of failure.


  • Greater supply chain integration
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Longer supplier relationships
  • Improve cost management
  • Less complexity
  • Increase trust

Core Features

  • Supplier Product Performance Analysis
  • Contract/Agreement Management
  • Supplier Contact Info
  • BIN Management
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Supplier Portal
  • Supplier Type


Automated sourcing & supplier management to streamline the procurement process

Prism e-Procurement solution allows companies & organizations to manage & connect with 3rd party suppliers for goods and /or services. In other words, Prism e-Procurement portal is a secure management system that helps businesses that network with many suppliers, significantly streamline their procurement process online.


  • Suppliers are automatically informed any changes in the Purchase Order
  • Supplier self service from assessment to delivery
  • Publish tender schedule & procurement notice
  • Digitally accept proposal & update suppliers
  • Automatically issues Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Easy access to the PO for the supplier
  • Keeps a transparent log of each event
  • Reduces manual administrative tasks

Core Features

  • Online Registration & e-Assessment of Suppliers
  • e-Submission of Proposal and e-Acceptance
  • Public and Private Procurement Notice
  • Automated Notifications & Reminders
  • Supplier Payment Terms and Contract
  • Sourcing & Contract Management
  • EOI Acceptance through portal
  • Supplier Account Management
  • Publish Procurement Notice


Purchase warranty claim & return management

An effective return merchandise authorization emphasizes returning a product for a refund, replacement, or repair while the product is still covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. The RMA process provides efficient return management while making it simple and quicker to use the purchase warranty.


  • Warranty period notification
  • Authorize claiming process
  • Faster return process
  • Effective resources
  • Claim verification
  • Minimize effort

Core Features

  • Single Purchase Warranty Claim
  • Batch Purchase Warranty Claim
  • Warranty period notification
  • Product Repair & Replacement
  • Non-Serial Warranty
  • Serial Warranty

Bill Claim

Manage employee expense claim and disbursement with faster visibility

Bill/Expense Claim is made when employees make expenses out of their pocket on behalf of the company. For example, if they visit a customer premises and want to make a claim on the transportation expenses. The claim can be made through the employees own self service portal (ESS Portal). They can see the claims they have made and the status of those claims.


  • Information Accuracy
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Expense overview
  • Improve Visibility
  • Faster Process
  • Less Error

Core Features

  • Employee Bill Claim From ESS
  • Advance Bill Adjustment
  • Bill claim Purpose
  • Bill Disburse
  • Bill Sanction
  • Claim Bill

Card Receipt

Easier process for credit/debit card payment by automatic calculation

Configure card receipt machines and bank wise policies and take payment from customers via card machines. All charges applicable will be automatically calculated based on the policies and appropriate general ledger is always kept updated. Based on the automatic calculation, PrismFMS saves the organization time and money both.


  • Organization Transparency
  • Transaction clearity
  • Secure transaction
  • Save valuable time
  • Detail Information
  • Easier process

Core Features

  • Bank Charge Management
  • Card Device Management
  • Card receive voucher list
  • Multiple Type of Cards

Cheque Books

Issues cheques for all the relevant financial transactions of an organization

Cheque book management provides the ability to print and track all cheques easily and maintain the status of each individual check from issued to bank until clearing.


  • Information Transparency
  • Secured transaction
  • Convenient Method
  • Limit Free Service
  • Less Expensive
  • Online Tracking

Core Features

  • Received Cheque Management
  • Cheque Leaf Management
  • Direct Cheque Printing
  • Multiple Cheque Status
  • Cheque Register
  • Cheque History
  • Issued Cheque

Smart & effective supply chain management for higher customer satisfaction

Supply Control

Proper supply of goods or products is a key highlight to any supply business. PrismERP delivers the most feasible controlling feature that helps to manage product inventory in the proper manner and prevent mismatch.

Proper Execution

Set out a target for supply chain operation which includes marketing the business, promotions, timing, and respective quantities, production policies etc. Gives the assurance of proper supply chain executions process which includes the warehouse manufacturing and transportation management all are visible and executed accurately from the ERP system.

Monitor and Measurement

Track and identify the current status of all supply chain activities as well as proper investigation of target activities are to be figured out automatically and elaborately from the system.

Inventory Analysis

Keep proper track of all the production goods or supplier goods from the inventory so that business goods are properly getting in and out from the inventory.

Product Serial

Track every single product through an unique serial numbers

Maintain appropriate sequencing of a massive number of items that will automatically produce through each individual product serial number with the help of PrismERP's product serial solution. Make product deliveries precise and secure by using effective serial management to ensure that the exact number of items belonging under a given serial are correctly sent from the system.


  • Serial Stock List Reporting
  • Easy Serial Maintaining
  • Ensures Exact Stocking
  • Serial Transfer Report
  • Multiple way of Serial
  • Serial History Report

Core Features

  • Manual Serial Generation
  • Auto Serial Generation
  • Serial wise Delivery
  • Importing Serial

Why PrismSCM?

  • Increase your sales
  • Easier distribution system
  • Resellers communication

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