PrismERP - Customer Relationship Management

Discover new customers with less effort by the CRM solution of PrismERP

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Make the customer-vendor relationship stronger

Provides better sales opportunities and keeps track of all customer communications

Uplift Marketing strategy

The PrismERP customer relationship management system is the best choice to sell the company's product and service in a wider context while thinking about developing a strong business relationship with the customer.

Track Sales Stage

Utilize a customer relationship management solution to track sales conveniently, making it much easier to sell products to specific new or existing customers and to let the relevant person or department to see the current state of a certain product sale.

Marketing Survey

With the customer relationship management solution of PrismERP, different types of survey or questionnaire can be processed and filled up either by online method or through customer portal from the system

Lead Generation

Maintaining the leads into the CRM of PrismERP is one of the important parts of the business to know the successful lead which is mandatory for repeat quote/sales.

Pre-Sales CRM

Opportunity creation to customer onboarding - a complete sales funnel management

PrismERP pre-sales CRM creates effective opportunities for enrolling more customers by maintaining opportunity form including additional fields for the opportunity's stage or status, profitability, and anticipated revenue for the company. It offers an unique interface for managing and storing information on different branches, quotations and surveys.


  • Effective Pre-sales Process
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Organization’s Interaction
  • Enrolling more customer
  • Opportunity Creation
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Quotation History

Core Features

  • Quotation Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Activity Management
  • Lead Management


Standard receivable invoice with automated accounting

Utilize the PrismERP billing and invoicing solution to quickly and automatically generate serial-wise sales and purchase invoices. Tracking the sales and accurate customer information become quicker through the weekly or monthly invoice history which makes comprehensive sales reports for the organization.


  • Accurate Customer Information
  • Serial Wise Purchase Invoice
  • Faster Invoice Processing
  • Serial Wise Sales Invoice
  • Automated Accounting
  • Invoice History
  • Track sales 

Core Features

  • Survey Management
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Invoice

Service Billing

Utilize robotic process automation to ease the billing process

PrismERP's service billing solution is an all-inclusive and adaptable solution for operating any kind of service billing functionality, including service contract requirements, billable services, service sale orders, and service contracts.


  • Service Wise New Service Analysis
  • Branchwise New Service Analysis
  • Customer Transaction Summary
  • Service Up Down Request List
  • Package Wise Service Sales
  • Subscribers Services List
  • Service Sale Order List
  • Service Wise Sales

Core Features

  • Partial Billing for Service Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Packages & Contract Management
  • Subscriber Contract Management
  • Auto Invoice Email to Customer
  • Service Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Bill Notice via Email / SMS
  • Automated Bill Generation
  • Subscriber Management
  • Service Management
  • Service Dashboard
  • Service Multi-unit
  • Service Invoice

Support Ticketing System

A central system to answer all customers related tickets & support queries

Solve any kind of customer or employer queries, complaints with multiple ticketing pathways through PrismERP support ticketing system which provides a centralized system with automated ticket generating features.


  • Every Occurrence Notification
  • Multiple Ticketing Pathways
  • Improved Employee Service
  • Support Ticket Analytics
  • Support Collaboration
  • 24/7 Support Service
  • Easy Maintenance

Core Features

  • Multi domain / Product Support
  • Ticket Performance Monitoring
  • SLA Based Ticketing
  • Auto Assignment
  • eMail to Ticket

Return Merchandise Authorization

Manage returns and warranty claims from customers

To ensure an authorized claim process, track the entire warranty claiming process using the unique serial numbers of warranty products. The warranty claim reports that PrismERP return merchandise authorization provides indicate that the item was returned due to damage, brokenness, etc.


  • Managing service by serial code
  • Assign Purchase warranty claim
  • Easy Sale & Purchase Claim
  • Authorize Claiming process
  • Warranty period notification
  • Service Invoice Generation
  • Maintaining Serial History
  • Warranty claim report

Core Features

  • Repair Servicing Spare Parts Management
  • Replacement Claim and Charge Provision
  • SMS / Email Integration on State Change
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Warranty Spare Consumption
  • Project based Service Billing
  • Serial Product RMA
  • Repair Servicing
  • Warranty Claim
  • Non Serial RMA
  • Repair Invoice

Customer Portal

Automate customer service through comprehensive customer portal

Track the customer profile through the PrismERP customer portal, including the customer's purchase order location, transaction history, balance, compliance issues, credit purchase details, and other customer-related information.


  • Individual Customer Information
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Increased Responsiveness
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Better Customer Service
  • Purchase Order History
  • Easier Communication
  • Top-notch Security
  • Transaction Report
  • Greater Visibility

Core Features

  • Third Party Warranty Servicing

Why PrismCRM?

  • Greatest customer relationships
  • Effective data management
  • Better sales opportunities

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