PrismERP - Project System

Optimize several projects of a business effortlessly with PrismERP project system

Project System (PS)

Keep track all the activities of a project through PrismPS

Project Management

A platform to manage project of any scale

Operate different projects of a business effortlessly with proper project planning, prioritizing, execution, tracking tasks, deadlines, and team collaboration through the project management solution of PrismERP. Proper project management allows an organization to view their expenditure clearly and manage the budget with full visibility.


  • Standardized Project Planning
  • Extremely Integrated Modules
  • Effective Project Guidelines
  • On-premise Installation
  • Customized Features
  • Cloud-based Service
  • Resource Allocation
  • Centralized System

Core Features

  • Effortless Deployment
  • Project Task & Status
  • Configurable System
  • Maximum Security
  • Project Grouping
  • Project Summary

Project Planning

Plan and schedule projects task accurately with real time gantt chart

PrismERP project planning listed down the actions to be taken, ordered them properly, calculated the resources required, and determined the time required to complete the tasks effectively to enhance the project success rate.


  • Maintain Project Timelines
  • Proper Task Distributions
  • Proper Capacity Planning
  • Ensure Project Progress
  • Track on-time Status
  • Project Road Maps

Core Features

  • Interactive Project Planning
  • Scheduling Gantt Chart
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Project Plan Export
  • Project Costing

Project Accounting

Separate project accounting to generate project income statement

PrismERP project accounting collects all the relevant data of a project which identifies what makes a project more profitable and how to enhance the project workflow. Reducing the expenses with a proper accounting solution enhances organizational profitability.


  • Track Separate Project Accounting
  • Better Scheduling and Planning
  • Track Business Transactions
  • Proper Budget Management
  • Generate Financial Reports
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry

Core Features

  • Project Income Statement
  • Project Wise Expenses
  • Project Wise Budget
  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Vouchers

Project Inventory

Manage and track project wise inventory

Maintain individual project related records and monitor all the project-related raw materials, components, products, and services through PrismERP project inventory solution. Keep tracks of each inventory with the latest comprehensive report.


  • Accurate Tracking of Expenses
  • Systematic Project Inventory
  • Reduce Administrative Work
  • Individual Inventory Details
  • Streamline Inventory Work
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cost Saving

Core Features

  • Project Document Attachment
  • Inventory Stock Balance
  • Project wise Inventory
  • Material Consumption
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Transfer

Enhance the project success rate with efficient project management

Team Management

Each project requires proper task distributions, efficient project workflows, resource allocation, and defined time efficiency which makes each team member more productive and makes the project successful through the appropriate planning and scheduling of PrismERP project system solutions.

Easy Integration

PrismERP has the ability to combine multiple modules and establish a centralized system, which makes it much simpler for project management to access required data and crucial documents from other relevant modules with right authorization.

Data-driven Decision

PrismERP project system solution allows to track and monitor each task and individual activities of a project. Automated tracking features help to take several key decisions to complete the project in a predefined time line. All the expenditure throughout the project is also recorded in the system which helps to optimize the project cost in the future.

Project Status Analysis

The PrismERP project system provides real-time work visibility and displays each project's current state.

Project BOM

Prepare specific BOQ/BOM with transparent informations according to projects

With the help of PrismERP BOQ/BOM, preparing the list of total number of materials required to complete a project in a timely manner. Each detailed information is visible in the project BOM.


  • Accurate Inventory Information
  • Powerful Resource Allocation
  • Organized Project Planning
  • Prepare Proper BOQ/BOM
  • Required Vital Information
  • Reducing Time Frame
  • Reduce Project Cost

Core Features

  • BOM wise Requisition & Delivery
  • Project Progress Status
  • Project BOQ/BOM

Why PrismPS?

  • Automated tracking features
  • Centralized database
  • Predefined project planning

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