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Maximize business profit and minimize the operational cost with PrismADM

Office Administration Management (ADM)

Ensure the right authorization with multiple security layers

Library Management

Library asset management for better inventory tracking

PrismERP library management system is a comprehensive solution that helps librarians to keep track of their assets, inventory, loans, member subscriptions, profiles and relationship with the members. It's a complete solution that enables quick retrieval of thousands of records and real-time tracking of the location using an unique ISBN number.


  • Digital Membership Management
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Informative Dashboard
  • Easy Search for Books
  • Ensure High Security
  • Keep Track of Loans
  • Progress Tracking
  • Dynamic Reports

Core Features

  • Version History with Download Feature
  • Book Management and Requisitions
  • Provision for API Integration
  • Smart Rack Management
  • Multiple Security Layer
  • Member Management
  • Author Management
  • Book Requisitions
  • Book Lending

Ensure accountability and responsibility both through standardized office administration

All in one platform

PrismERP office administration modules provides the opppurtunity to integrate all organizational workflow into a single platform with integration capabillies, keeping all offices operations under one umbrella. All of the data and files are highly secured digitally according to the office administration system's multiple layer security system and real-time tracking. This reduces the use of manpower and makes the organization extremely cost effective.

Day to day activities

The daily and on-time activity updates provided by PrismERP office administration to the organization in a timely manner improve operational effectiveness and organizational profitability. This solution keeps an eye on each and every activity using an interactive interface.

Ensure right authorization

With the avoidance of manual file forwarding, PrismERP office administration's several approval layers verify the validity of each file procedure. Also it requires the digital recording of each data to maintain the right authorization of the management.

Fleet Management

Maximize business profit and lower operational cost by proper management of your fleet

Track all the vehicles and control overall fleet operations with PrismERP fleet management solution that helps to manage complete fleet control operations. Every fleet servicing is documented and accessible by fleet registration ID, providing the viewer with comprehensive information on the state of each fleet.


  • Fleet Income/Expense Management
  • Maintenance of Fleet Insurance
  • Record of Fleet Servicing
  • Fleet Trip Management
  • Route Management
  • Fleet Registration
  • Fleet Scheduling
  • Fleet Operation
  • Bill Generation
  • Fleet Servicing

Core Features

  • Overview of Income & Expense
  • On Board Tracking of Fleets
  • Lease or Rental Basis Fleet
  • Overall View of Workflows
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • User Access Control

Dispatch Management

Dispatch & track internal documents digitally and reduce paper waste

PrismERP dispatch management standardizes the filing process to ensure that records are properly maintained, stored, and archived which improve the documentation for further information to ensure efficient management. Only the authorized user will open files in accordance with ACL to preserve additional official letter references.


  • Ensure Accountability and Responsibility
  • Employee Movement Management
  • Ensure Effective Administration
  • Avoid manual file forwarding
  • Ensure the authentication
  • Details Documentation
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Track Files Location
  • Digital recording

Core Features

  • Registry with File Number
  • Doc/Letter Outbound
  • Doc/Letter Inbound
  • Movement of File
  • Files Accessibility
  • Files Download

Visitor Management

Manage appointments & schedules for all incoming visitors

PrismERP visitor management offers an appointment portal for visitors by which they can digitally take the appointment from the concerned person. Visitors can issue a digital visitor id card by using the visitor portal, which retains all the specific information needed. Employees and co-worker will have accurate information about visitors. VMS helps with workplace space management for company's staff and guests.


  • Contemporary Notification System
  • Real-time Appointment Tracking
  • Enhance Workplace Security
  • Lobby Free Appointment
  • Authorize Appointment
  • Multiple Security Layer
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Data Validation
  • Visitor Analytics

Core Features

  • Appointment Management
  • Pre-Book Appointments
  • Gate Pass Management
  • Visitor History
  • Visitor Portal

Why PrismADM?

  • Reduce manual paperwork
  • Track internal documents
  • Right authorization

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