One of the highest secured storage & business process platform for Banking sector

Banking has its own type of prerequisites which is addressed clearly by PrismERP. Platform provides all kinds of business procedure for bank to manage people, infrastructure and resources.

Organised People Management

Employee and Customer managing ability is very much easy through the ERP system as the product is very much robust that helps to manage the account holders and employee track records easily.

Error Free Authority Reporting

Smart reporting tool of ERP system that gives accurate data transaction of any customer which makes the reporting of all the account related information to the authority accurately.

Strong Financial Management

Highly robust ERP system that can easily manage all the complex process of financial transaction into the software so that business operations are easy.

Ensures Exceptional Service

PrismERP examines the full business demand of banking and delivers a complete robust system along with some exceptional features like customer service, making the business growth robust.

Revenue Recognition

ERP system ensures payment collection through multiple channels (direct bank, payment gateway, internet banking) & such channels provides real-time entries to the central system which help recognize the payment instantly upon collection.

Branch Controlling

A central ERP system controls all the branches, projects help to achieve the business goal and be compatible with world's latest technology to ensure better business.

Cost Saving

Smart way to approach savings as well as cost effective management regarding any department from PrismERP. Various solution such as HRM, expenditure, loan management can be done easily and accurately.

Human Resource Management

Complete HRM solution helps to manage overall employee tracking and their profile as well as salary generation, attendance, leave policy etc.

Call Centre

Customer support is the primary figure in banking which is done by the system storing all the complains, logs, recordings.

Integrated Supervision System (ISS)

PrismERP is linked with central bank's Integrated Supervision System which aims to supervise the multi layered supervision mechanism of central bank.

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