Product Serial

PrismERP product serial system makes business easier more than ever

Every single product of your inventory can be tracked by a unique identifying serial numbers assigned by manufacturers. System will also help to tag out particular goods or products which are defects,faults or under good condition

Easy Serial Maintaining

PrismERP helps to management single serial for a product including bar code. It helps user to find a the product in time of sales, return and warranty claim.

Multiple way of Serial

Various industry based products might have multiple serial (eg. IMEI) so that the user will be able to tracked for sales, return and claims by customers as well as claiming to vendors becomes easy

Ensures Exact Stocking

General stock might be mismatched without the serial numbers. Serial number attachment with the product will help you to know the exact stock in every stage of supply chain

Auto Serial Generation

With Product serial solution of PrismERP, you can easily generate huge amount of product serial which the system will automatically generate following a proper sequence assigning.

Manual Serial Generation

Individual product of business can be easily assigned manually from the ERP system. The desired serial can be assigned on particular product or goods for the proper business.

Importing Serial

With this exclusive solution serial can be imported from another destination to the ERP system and can be done easily by uploading all the list of desired serial code of large number of products

Serial wise Delivery

Make the delivery of product secured and accurate with proper serial management so that exact amount of goods under specific serials are delivered properly from the system.

Serial History Report

Reports all the products that are categorized under different serial code depending on item wise as well as inventory wise of business and can make proper analysis of amount of products available for business.

Serial Transfer Report

Report all the serial of products that are being transferred to different inventory branches of business. Analysis includes order number, serial number of product, name of products, transferred to which place etc.

Serial Stock List Reporting

Reports all the stock products of inventory under what category of item and the serial code so that tracking becomes easier for all the products of business

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