Product Serial Management

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Efficiently manage your inventory, product movement and RMA


Assign serials to products easily with options for manual assignment, scanning barcode or file upload. Our intelligent system can check if any validation fails during assignment.


Secures your inventory transaction. With proper validations checked by the system, not a single product can go unnoticed. Products can't be moved in or out of stock without proper transaction as it passes through the extra security checkpoint of PrismERP.


With our integrated ERP system, Product Serial not only acts as the inventory stock management and product tracking during purchase & sale, but also integrates Warranty Management process with it.


Serial of products acts as a qualitative feature. So products in real-life inventory can not only be matched by the quantity in the ERP system, but also by this unique identifier.

Our Product Serial System

makes business easier more than ever !

Single Serial System

When product has only 1 unique identifier serial number, this system is the default choice. In this system, a bulk of sequential serials can be easily assigned in system by a single ranged entry.

Multi Serial System

Products can have multiple parts with unique identifier serials, e.g. automobile can have Chassis number and Engine number as serials to track the whole automobile at a time. For this requirement, PrismERP has multi serial system, which allows up to 5 separate unique identifier. But product with multiple serials can’t have bulk entry.

Mixed Serial System

Depending on your business, products with various number of serials can be present. To manage such product line, mixed serial system can be activated in our ERP. In this system, features from Single and Multiple serial systems are both present.

PrismERP Product Serial System makes business easier more than ever!

Every single product of your inventory can be tracked by a unique identifying Serial Number assigned by manufacturers.
Warranty Management process starts here!

Who Needs Product Serial System

Record product serial so quickly either single or batch. Sell scanning the barcode or manual, Track warranty faster and ensure customer service smooth and generate more business


Unique Serial System including lot, makes the computer industry most complex in terms of product warranty and replacement. The faster product serial management systems make computer companies moving the supply chain system faster and easier.


Product serial including barcode makes electronics business fast moving with its supply and demand cycles. Inventory stock and serial stock helps electronics industries life comfortable for its clients services.


Automobiles industry needs to track all the chassis and engine numbers for its registration, validation, warranty and related replacement, repairs.


Mobile phone companies always struggling with its multiple IMEI numbers into a single handset to manage its purchase, sales, warranty related matters where the internal product serial modules helps to manage it so quickly