Hurdles on RMA process?

PrismERP provides efficient way of handing RMA request quickly!

RMA Request

Receiving RMA request easily from any Sales or Service Center of your organization

Warranty Type Selection

PrismERP capable to decide the warranty type ( Eg: Warranty, Non Warranty, Third Party) selection of a product based on its serial history

Status and Verdict

Sales or Service Center can set the Status of the goods and set the right Verdict at various stages of the Claim processing depending on the condition

Repair, Replace or Return

Take the final decision verifying all the conditions of the good and terms of claim

Easy & Simple – Let PrismERP do the work!

With PrismERP RMA module, make your customers happy by efficiently receiving Warranty Claims and quickly resolving with proper actions. Let our system make the management easy for You!

Double your profits overnight! Become knowledgeable about your product’s performance and keep track of RMA returns and revenue.

Electronics, Automobiles, Retail – Everybody requires the RMA!

PrismERP provides Service Warranty/Return Management for manufacturers, dealers, or thirty-party users. A robust warranty administration program is necessary for critical aspects of the warranty process, which entails monitoring of policies, flat rates, fault codes, rules management, registration, and claims processing.

Inventory Product Serial

Let’s Know Why our RMA is the Best !

Single Sales Warranty Claim

Batch Sales Warranty Claim

Warranty and Non Warranty Servicing

Automated Replaced Goods Delivery

Vendor/Manufacturer Claim Analysis

Automated Goods Delivery Return

Easy Sale/Purchase Cancellation

Receiving Claims

With our integrated ERP system, receiving claim is just a single click! As product is managed with Product Serial system, System will show whether the product has valid or void warranty.


ERP System helps the best way it can. So even with system sensed decisions about the claim, it lets override system decisions depending on human judgment and proper applicable scenario.

Total Package

RMA module is closely associated with Inventory Management, Product Serial Management, Accounting module etc.  Service charge, replacement delivery etc are also included in this system.

Complete Process

RMA Module helps manage purchase information. Purchase claims to vendor can be managed as well. This gives insight about Product Performance which gives more control of  business.