Financial Management System

Solve all the financial challenges of your business to control cost & increase profitability

Enter somethiFinancial management solution of ERP software plays a key role to any industry's business. PrismERP ensures your business profit by addressing every demand and reducing business cost with proper accounts maintenanceng here

Financial Management
Secured & Compatible

Secured & Compatible

PrismERP gives the highest order of security and well manageable financial accounting solution that can be maintained easily and is compatible to run in any platform.

Analyze Business Performance

Analyze Business Performance

Make a proper view of business accounts with user-friendly interface and better graphical representation from the robust ERP system.

Branch Wise Accounting

Branch Wise Accounting

Manage different branches of a business under one application. It can track all financial transactions, income statement and maintaining proper balance sheet of a business

Scalable Busines Growth

Scalable Busines Growth

Proper accounting maintenance assurance and gives accurate information related to all the financial stuff and can even handle huge amount of financial transaction easily to make a well aligned business growth.

Management of Cash Flow

Management of Cash Flow

All the operating activities of incoming and outgoing cash of a business and gives accurate information of the cash flow which generates automatically future cash flow status.

Eases Tax Compliance

Eases Tax Compliance

Proper Tax calculation is a must for each and individual invoice which ERP solution can easily manage and maintain proper tax account of any particular business with accurate calculation and proper information.

Reduce Error in Accounting

Reduce Error in Accounting

Chances of error stays higher in accounting if not properly maintained or if it is done manually. So in order to reduce the error PrismERP provides a platform which calculates automatically and reduces all the error of your business transaction and accounts.

Ledger Book

PrismERP Ledger book provides user to air mark of all accounts and all sub accounts resulting records of balance. Such integration enables user a summarize view of financial statement that recognize perfection.

Ledger Books

Cash Book

Daily cash receipts and cash payments are easily ascertained.Cash in hand at any time can easily be ascertained through Cash Book balance. Any mistake in the book can be easily detected at the time of verification of cash.

Party Management

You can add vendor or customer and manage accounting transaction of them. Party ledger enables you to track all the transactions with a specific party. With party balance you can easily identify the defaulter party list.

Party Ledger
Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation option helps user to match their bank ledger according to the bank statement. User can easily track down the mismatch with this report and prepare proper explanation for every bank account for different time duration.

Voucher, Journal and Ledger

You can record all your accounting transactions through voucher. You can track all your accounting transaction and the associated voucher. Searching in a specific date range allows you to track your preferred transaction easily.

Cash and Cash Equivalent

Independent Branch Accounting & Central Control

Manage different independent branches of a business under one application. It can track all financial transactions, income statement and maintaining proper balance sheet of a business

Profit Loss Report

Gives a clear visbility of Profit/Loss Statement of a business and also tracks all financial transactions to get a clear picture of all the costs and revenue any time

Income Statement
Balance sheet

Balance Sheet

One of the major statement of financial management required for business owners that gives clear picture of company's asset, liabilities & shareholder's equity

Trial Balance

Feature allows you to manage Trial balance where asset, income, expense, sales, revenue all are managed in group manner and individual trial balance can be seen easily with proper transaction and equal balance of debit credit

Trial Balance


  • Accounts Configuration
    Accounts Configuration
  • Ledger Book Management
    Ledger Book Management
  • Cashbook Maintenance
    Cashbook Maintenance
  • Budgeting Capability
    Budgeting Capability
  • Recurring Journal Entries
    Recurring Journal Entries
  • Multiple Debit Credit Entries
    Multiple Debit Credit Entries
  • Multiple Cash and Bank
    Multiple Cash and Bank
  • Group Wise Trial Balance
    Group Wise Trial Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation
    Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Fund Flow Process
    Cash Fund Flow Process
  • Voucher Management
    Voucher Management
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