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Financial Management System

Simplify the financial operation of your business with PrismFMS financial solutions

Financial Accounting

Generate expert accredited & regulatory compliment financial statement in seconds with this application

Document, evaluate & prepare accredited & regulatory compliment financial statements through the extensive FInancial Accounting system of PrismERP. PrismFMS saves time & money both in financial accounting by automating accounting & streamlining the human data input process. It also enhances cash management, eliminates cash issues, & simplifies difficult account payable & account receivable activities. This financial solution provides a 360 degree perspective of the entire enterprise.


  • Complete visibility of financial needs
  • Financial data insights in real time
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Excellent tracking capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Automation of workflows
  • High level data security
  • Reduces human errors

Core Features

  • Core Financial Statements
  • Voucher Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Payable

Cost Center

Allocate and track cost, maintaining separate cost centers within the organization through effective cost center

To keep track of costs and all the relevant expenses with better visibility of each financial corner of the organization which makes it easier to track the expenses. Cost Center is not directly related to profit but still costs the organization’s money to run, such as accounting, finance, and procurement functions through the financial management system. This module of PrismFMS enhances the accountability of financial management.


  • Increased Accountability
  • Easier Troubleshooting
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Better Monitoring
  • Track Expenses

Core Features

  • Cost Center Wise Financial Statement
  • Single Dimensional Cost Center
  • Multi Dimensional Cost Center


Make a proper planning for every payable, receivable and investments with proper information

With PrismERP Treasury management, an organization can easily make a proper planning for their every payable, receivable, investments, can count liquidity related risks, they will also have proper information about available funds & can observe the evolution of current funds, & can also make sure the best utilization of their resources.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Precise data availability
  • Overseas investment
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Manage Liquidity
  • Optimizing Cash
  • Risk Reduction

Core Features

  • Account Receivable Planning
  • Account Payable Planning
  • Cash Flow Forecasting

Enterprise Asset

Complete and dynamic module which keeps track of all the assets for any industries

A complete & dynamic application which tracks all assets for any type of industries to ensure proper management of fixed assets as per international standard of IAS 16 and IAS 38. Enterprise asset management of PrismERP optimizes the quality and efficiency of organizations assets throughout their lifespan, resulting in increased productivity and lower operating costs.


  • Facilitates audit support to know the exact asset status
  • Precise record of company fixed asset schedule
  • Proper depreciation of fixed asset
  • Easy asset allocation & tracking
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time Asset Performance
  • Powerfully integrated system

Core Features

  • Asset Depreciation & Amortization
  • Asset Expense Management
  • Asset Accounting Asset Register
  • Asset Tracking


Draw up an effective master budget for financial accuracy and track all the expenses in an instant

Provides the ability to set a proper plan of where a company is spending money right now, where they can invest in the future for better profitability and where they can make improvements based on their effective budget. Budgeting identifies possible issue areas in which revenue may not be sufficient to meet expenditures and solve them with a dynamic solution.


  • Better Financial Decision
  • Easily Prepare Taxes
  • Allocate Resources
  • Save More Money
  • Define Sales Goal
  • Track Expenses

Core Features

  • Department wise Expense Budget
  • Financial Account based Budget
  • Cost Center Wise Budget
  • Multidimensional Budget
  • Project Wise Budget
  • Branch wise Budget
  • Budget Variance
  • Master Budget

Multi Currency

Provision of financial ledgers and automated reports in multiple currencies retain more customer

Depending on the level of business all the related financial transactions, sale or purchase orders can be conducted in an automated way. Accordingly, account balance calculation and relevant statements can be generated in multiple currencies through the multi currency module of PrismERP financial management system. It makes stronger relationships with customers and suppliers both.


  • Strong Supplier Relationship
  • Faster Transaction Process
  • Manage Foreign Exchange
  • Reduce Transaction Cost
  • Financial Transparency

Core Features

  • Multi-Currency Financial Reports
  • Currency Gain/Loss Statement
  • Multi-Currency Configuration
  • Multi-Currency in Ledger


Particularly deals with import and export related commercials

Maintain all documentation and work procedure related to export and import letter of credits which includes calculation of accurate landing cost as well as record of expenses such as freight forwarder cost, shipping cost, customs cost, agency cost (in case of hiring an agency to deliver the material), labor cost, warehouse cost etc from inception to completion of a consignment.


  • International Currency and Exchange Rate
  • Purpose wise expense record
  • Perceive the Revenue
  • Accurate Stock Price
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Accounting Accuracy

Core Features

  • Invoice & Legal Documents Management
  • Manage Indent, Import & Export
  • Currency Gain/Loss Statement
  • LC Expense Management
  • Landed Cost Calculation


Hassle free management of loan and investment for secured and risk free transaction

Maintain complete loan lifecycle from opening to closing and keep track of all installment schedules with an effective loan management system which through automation reduces many organizational risk generated from manual loan management.


  • Reduce Calculation errors
  • More flexible and versatile
  • Regular loan monitoring
  • Risk free transaction
  • Saves valuable time
  • Optimize Revenue

Core Features

  • Loan against Imported Merchandize
  • Overdraft Management (Secured)
  • Business Loan Category
  • Loan Timeline & Schedule
  • Voucher Processing Fee
  • Business Loan Status
  • Loan EMI Calculation
  • Voucher Integration
  • Loan Extension

Receipt Books

Prepare money receipt for each customers and keep track of financial transactions

Keep record of the receipt vouchers and the money receipt in the application for tracking and reporting as a proof of financial transactions similar to the procedure of payment and providing a manual money receipt to the customer during payment. Receipt books show the summary of transactions statistics.


  • Summarize Financial Transactions
  • Tracks Business Expenses
  • Identify Actual Deductions
  • Recording of transactions
  • Day-to-day verification
  • Payer’s Details

Core Features

  • Receipt Book History & Statistics
  • Direct Receipt Printing
  • Receipt Book register
  • Issued Receipt

Bill Claim

Manage employee expense claim and disbursement with faster visibility

Bill/Expense Claim is made when employees make expenses out of their pocket on behalf of the company. For example, if they visit a customer premises and want to make a claim on the transportation expenses. The claim can be made through the employees own self service portal (ESS Portal). They can see the claims they have made and the status of those claims.


  • Information Accuracy
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Expense overview
  • Improve Visibility
  • Faster Process
  • Less Error

Core Features

  • Employee Bill Claim From ESS
  • Advance Bill Adjustment
  • Bill claim Purpose
  • Bill Disburse
  • Bill Sanction
  • Claim Bill

Card Receipt

Easier process for credit/debit card payment by automatic calculation

Configure card receipt machines and bank wise policies and take payment from customers via card machines. All charges applicable will be automatically calculated based on the policies and appropriate general ledger is always kept updated. Based on the automatic calculation, PrismFMS saves the organization time and money both.


  • Organization Transparency
  • Transaction clearity
  • Secure transaction
  • Save valuable time
  • Detail Information
  • Easier process

Core Features

  • Bank Charge Management
  • Card Device Management
  • Card receive voucher list
  • Multiple Type of Cards

Cheque Books

Issues cheques for all the relevant financial transactions of an organization

Cheque book management provides the ability to print and track all cheques easily and maintain the status of each individual check from issued to bank until clearing.


  • Information Transparency
  • Secured transaction
  • Convenient Method
  • Limit Free Service
  • Less Expensive
  • Online Tracking

Core Features

  • Received Cheque Management
  • Cheque Leaf Management
  • Direct Cheque Printing
  • Multiple Cheque Status
  • Cheque Register
  • Cheque History
  • Issued Cheque

Solve all the financial challenges of your business with PrismFMS

Scalable Business Growth

Proper accounting solution assurance and gives accurate financial information related to all the Financial stuff and can even handle huge amounts of financial transactions easily to make a well aligned business growth for any type of industry. 

Reduce Error in Accounting

Chances of error stays higher in accounting if not properly maintained or if it is done manually. So in order to reduce the error PrismERP’s Financial Management System provides a platform which calculates automatically and reduces all the errors of your businesses financial transactions and accounts. 

Branch Wise Accounting

Manage different branches of a business under one application through the Financial Management System of PrismERP. It can track all financial transactions, income statements and maintain the proper balance sheet of a business. 

Management of Cash Flow

All the operating activities of incoming and outgoing cash of a business and gives accurate information of the cash flow which automatically generates future cash flow status.

Why PrismFMS

  • Organize all the financial activities
  • Complete business operation
  • Planning, control & analytics

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