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Faster and flexible solution for increasing operational efficiency through PrismERP productivity management


Productivity Management (PRD)

Gain the full operational transparency of your organization with a systematic work process

Enhance the operational efficiency with real-time work visibility

Proper Planning and Scheduling

PrismERP productivity management allows proper task distribution and proper scheduling which increase the team collaboration between the team. It assures the project's success by ensuring that the team operates at a high level of efficiency, which is kept up by good planning and scheduling.

Real Time Monitoring

Determine the current state of individual tasks, projects, work responsibilities are well maintained or not all that are easily monitored by PrismERP productivity management. Through the real time monitoring it's become easier to get a faster and flexible on time comprehensive report.

Reports and Analytics

Comprehensive PrismERP productivity management reports and analytics display all relevant data sequentially and systematically from multiple sources, which aid in high-level decision-making for the organization.

Ensure Project Standardization

Productivity management ensures the project standard that maximizes organizational profitability by monitoring the workers, providing real-time work visibility, and eliminating the needless tasks.

Task Management

Comprehensive & Integrated task management system

Assign and track multiple tasks from multiple sources throughout the ERP such as projects, customer are generated by PrismERP task management. Real-time task flow of individual team members through effective task distribution used to assign, monitor, and assess each phase of a project from beginning to end. By guaranteeing project success, PrismERP task management ensures operational effectiveness and organizational profitability. Employees are able to keep track of their to-do lists through comprehensive project reports and efficient integrated task management.


  • Proper Planning and Scheduling
  • Ensure Project Standardization
  • Better Risk Management
  • Meet Project Deadlines
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Increase Productivity
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Efficient

Core Features

  • Task Entry & Assignment
  • Goal/Sprint Definition
  • Task Administrator
  • Task Manager
  • Task Kanban

Workflow Management

Sequential and rule-driven workflow configuration for advanced process flow within the organization

PrismERP provides a holistic enterprise to prepare sequential and rule driven workflow for efficient process management. It allows preparing workflows on multiple sources and multiple processes to define SOP and ensure it’s well maintained. This automated solution eliminates pointless activities and requires every team member to complete their task in a timely manner.


  • Redundant Unnecessary Task
  • Operational Transparency
  • Faster Task Management
  • Systematic Work Process
  • Advanced Process Flow
  • Real-time work visibility
  • On-time Notification
  • Eliminates Error
  • Reduce Cost

Core Features

  • Multi-Layer Approval Process
  • Rule Based Workflow

Android Apps

A 360 degree business operating system in the palm of your hands

Android application brings the enterprise operation to the user's hand. PrismERP allows maintaining and monitoring the workforce from anytime, anywhere through an android application. Employees can upload attendance data, leave applications from anywhere and as per the given attendance, management can track the instant location via android apps.


  • Automated Device Management
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Faster and Flexible Solution
  • Upload Leave Application
  • On-time Communication
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Information Security

Core Features

  • Location Tracking with Attendance
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Leave Application
  • Payslip


Always stay updated through real time push notifications

PrismERP generates on-time notifications from different sources. As a reminder for specific activities, project deadlines, and sequential workflow, PrismERP offers the advantages of push notifications. Before any scheduled task or project, this automated notification will give a reminder to the concerned person or department for fulfilling the responsibility which improves the overall productivity of the organization.


  • Individual Task Notification
  • Deadlines Notification
  • Team Collaboration
  • Project Notification
  • Time Efficiency

Core Features

  • Hierarchy Configuration

Why PrismPRD?

  • Project standardization
  • Meet project deadlines
  • On-time notifications

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