LC Management

Easy management system for establishing LC in favour of seller or exporter

PrismERP's LC management gives you the guarantee to make all the payments of the particular sum in a specified currency providing the seller with a defined condition and submitting their prescribed documents. Particularly deals with import and export related business

Efficient Working LC Procedure

Manipulates all the procedure of LC easily and orders are created for products or services. For any production environment LC is a must and starts the manufacturing & building up of products, request by the buyers

Managing Indent, Import & Export

Offers managing different LC types depending on clients prospective and adapting both import & exporting for their business depending on the procedure & requirements

Invoice & Legal Documents Management

Controlling all types of invoices making you think as both ways of importer & exporter as well all the legal documents required for the process can be easily managed in ERP system

Accounting Accuracy

Save and secure overall business from inconsistency. Easy to manage & report various purpose of accounting like pay bank margin, commission, Expenses, CNF Charge, Bank charge, Pay agents etc.

Ensure Stock price Accuracy

Calculate automatically the accurate purchase price of goods by considering over expenses within LC cycle. And reliable inventory accounting ensure the perfect profit and loss calculation

Shipment Management

Shipping process is a key part of LC for importing and exporting which can be managed easily through the system so that the shipping delivery becomes easier and maintaining the proper serial of delivering goods

Currency & Exchange Rate

All type of exchanges in LC can be done easily as well business proposal and dealing can be done in different currencies through currency calculator of PrismERP in the system for proper exchange rate

LC Settlement

Settle out all your dealings and procedure of LC quite easily from the ERP system so that you can order goods and all the shipping process everything is done organized and then set a closing letter of settlement from this ERP solution

Expense Purpose

Provides the provision of overall expense that has been covered for individual LC process and dealing from top to bottom and the ERP system generates automatically the overall expense of each process


LC Analysis Reporting

Analyze the overall LC process easily by the reporting tool as breakdown of each feature process of LC so that proper calculation and management of LC can be done easily

Stock Reporting

Stock reporting is a key to the LC process of any business which will show the overall statistics and overall view of the stock price for which goods are being stored in the inventory as well as order pricing

Invoice Reporting

All types of invoice related to LC can be easily visualize to the company so that you can analyze and see the total cost of full LC management process of a business

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