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Manage everything with a single system

Doesn't matter if it's executives or project managers—they no longer have to waste time hopping between various programs.

By unifying all of your organization's processes into a single system, PrismERP streamlines organisational operations, breaks down data silos, and increases the profitability of your company.


A Complete Business Operating System

PrismERP can simply automate and handle all of the daily operations of your organization, including manufacturing, services, human resource management, lead to customer management, financial management, and others.

One common database helps in data duplication and organises your business efficiently. Information is channeled across departments and centralized using PrismERP.

Improved visibility is achieved by the tracking of all in & out of goods which helps cut down on wasteful spending, prevents cash from being blocked, and prevents additional costs from arising.

Expanded collaboration & workflows is enabled by your employees having access to necessary data just when needed.


Financial Accounting

Generate expert accredited & regulatory compliment financial statement in seconds with this application

Document, evaluate & prepare accredited & regulatory compliment financial statements through the extensive FInancial Accounting system of PrismERP. PrismFMS saves time & money both in financial accounting by automating accounting & streamlining the human data input process. It also enhances cash management, eliminates cash issues, & simplifies difficult account payable & account receivable activities. This financial solution provides a 360 degree perspective of the entire enterprise.


  • Complete visibility of financial needs
  • Financial data insights in real time
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Excellent tracking capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Automation of workflows
  • High level data security
  • Reduces human errors

Core Features

  • Core Financial Statements
  • Voucher Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Payable

Cost Center

Allocate and track cost, maintaining separate cost centers within the organization through effective cost center

To keep track of costs and all the relevant expenses with better visibility of each financial corner of the organization which makes it easier to track the expenses. Cost Center is not directly related to profit but still costs the organization’s money to run, such as accounting, finance, and procurement functions through the financial management system. This module of PrismFMS enhances the accountability of financial management.


  • Increased Accountability
  • Easier Troubleshooting
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Better Monitoring
  • Track Expenses

Core Features

  • Cost Center Wise Financial Statement
  • Single Dimensional Cost Center
  • Multi Dimensional Cost Center


Make a proper planning for every payable, receivable and investments with proper information

With PrismERP Treasury management, an organization can easily make a proper planning for their every payable, receivable, investments, can count liquidity related risks, they will also have proper information about available funds & can observe the evolution of current funds, & can also make sure the best utilization of their resources.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Precise data availability
  • Overseas investment
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Manage Liquidity
  • Optimizing Cash
  • Risk Reduction

Core Features

  • Account Receivable Planning
  • Account Payable Planning
  • Cash Flow Forecasting

Enterprise Asset

Complete and dynamic module which keeps track of all the assets for any industries

A complete & dynamic application which tracks all assets for any type of industries to ensure proper management of fixed assets as per international standard of IAS 16 and IAS 38. Enterprise asset management of PrismERP optimizes the quality and efficiency of organizations assets throughout their lifespan, resulting in increased productivity and lower operating costs.


  • Facilitates audit support to know the exact asset status
  • Precise record of company fixed asset schedule
  • Proper depreciation of fixed asset
  • Easy asset allocation & tracking
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time Asset Performance
  • Powerfully integrated system

Core Features

  • Asset Depreciation & Amortization
  • Asset Expense Management
  • Asset Accounting Asset Register
  • Asset Tracking


Draw up an effective master budget for financial accuracy and track all the expenses in an instant

Provides the ability to set a proper plan of where a company is spending money right now, where they can invest in the future for better profitability and where they can make improvements based on their effective budget. Budgeting identifies possible issue areas in which revenue may not be sufficient to meet expenditures and solve them with a dynamic solution.


  • Better Financial Decision
  • Easily Prepare Taxes
  • Allocate Resources
  • Save More Money
  • Define Sales Goal
  • Track Expenses

Core Features

  • Department wise Expense Budget
  • Financial Account based Budget
  • Cost Center Wise Budget
  • Multidimensional Budget
  • Project Wise Budget
  • Branch wise Budget
  • Budget Variance
  • Master Budget

Multi Currency

Provision of financial ledgers and automated reports in multiple currencies retain more customer

Depending on the level of business all the related financial transactions, sale or purchase orders can be conducted in an automated way. Accordingly, account balance calculation and relevant statements can be generated in multiple currencies through the multi currency module of PrismERP financial management system. It makes stronger relationships with customers and suppliers both.


  • Strong Supplier Relationship
  • Faster Transaction Process
  • Manage Foreign Exchange
  • Reduce Transaction Cost
  • Financial Transparency

Core Features

  • Multi-Currency Financial Reports
  • Currency Gain/Loss Statement
  • Multi-Currency Configuration
  • Multi-Currency in Ledger


Particularly deals with import and export related commercials

Maintain all documentation and work procedure related to export and import letter of credits which includes calculation of accurate landing cost as well as record of expenses such as freight forwarder cost, shipping cost, customs cost, agency cost (in case of hiring an agency to deliver the material), labor cost, warehouse cost etc from inception to completion of a consignment.


  • International Currency and Exchange Rate
  • Purpose wise expense record
  • Perceive the Revenue
  • Accurate Stock Price
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • Accounting Accuracy

Core Features

  • Invoice & Legal Documents Management
  • Manage Indent, Import & Export
  • Currency Gain/Loss Statement
  • LC Expense Management
  • Landed Cost Calculation


Hassle free management of loan and investment for secured and risk free transaction

Maintain complete loan lifecycle from opening to closing and keep track of all installment schedules with an effective loan management system which through automation reduces many organizational risk generated from manual loan management.


  • Reduce Calculation errors
  • More flexible and versatile
  • Regular loan monitoring
  • Risk free transaction
  • Saves valuable time
  • Optimize Revenue

Core Features

  • Loan against Imported Merchandize
  • Overdraft Management (Secured)
  • Business Loan Category
  • Loan Timeline & Schedule
  • Voucher Processing Fee
  • Business Loan Status
  • Loan EMI Calculation
  • Voucher Integration
  • Loan Extension

Receipt Books

Prepare money receipt for each customers and keep track of financial transactions

Keep record of the receipt vouchers and the money receipt in the application for tracking and reporting as a proof of financial transactions similar to the procedure of payment and providing a manual money receipt to the customer during payment. Receipt books show the summary of transactions statistics.


  • Summarize Financial Transactions
  • Tracks Business Expenses
  • Identify Actual Deductions
  • Recording of transactions
  • Day-to-day verification
  • Payer’s Details

Core Features

  • Receipt Book History & Statistics
  • Direct Receipt Printing
  • Receipt Book register
  • Issued Receipt

Bill Claim

Manage employee expense claim and disbursement with faster visibility

Bill/Expense Claim is made when employees make expenses out of their pocket on behalf of the company. For example, if they visit a customer premises and want to make a claim on the transportation expenses. The claim can be made through the employees own self service portal (ESS Portal). They can see the claims they have made and the status of those claims.


  • Information Accuracy
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Expense overview
  • Improve Visibility
  • Faster Process
  • Less Error

Core Features

  • Employee Bill Claim From ESS
  • Advance Bill Adjustment
  • Bill claim Purpose
  • Bill Disburse
  • Bill Sanction
  • Claim Bill

Card Receipt

Easier process for credit/debit card payment by automatic calculation

Configure card receipt machines and bank wise policies and take payment from customers via card machines. All charges applicable will be automatically calculated based on the policies and appropriate general ledger is always kept updated. Based on the automatic calculation, PrismFMS saves the organization time and money both.


  • Organization Transparency
  • Transaction clearity
  • Secure transaction
  • Save valuable time
  • Detail Information
  • Easier process

Core Features

  • Bank Charge Management
  • Card Device Management
  • Card receive voucher list
  • Multiple Type of Cards

Cheque Books

Issues cheques for all the relevant financial transactions of an organization

Cheque book management provides the ability to print and track all cheques easily and maintain the status of each individual check from issued to bank until clearing.


  • Information Transparency
  • Secured transaction
  • Convenient Method
  • Limit Free Service
  • Less Expensive
  • Online Tracking

Core Features

  • Received Cheque Management
  • Cheque Leaf Management
  • Direct Cheque Printing
  • Multiple Cheque Status
  • Cheque Register
  • Cheque History
  • Issued Cheque

Solve all the financial challenges of your business with PrismFMS

Scalable Business Growth

Proper accounting solution assurance and gives accurate financial information related to all the Financial stuff and can even handle huge amounts of financial transactions easily to make a well aligned business growth for any type of industry. 

Reduce Error in Accounting

Chances of error stays higher in accounting if not properly maintained or if it is done manually. So in order to reduce the error PrismERP’s Financial Management System provides a platform which calculates automatically and reduces all the errors of your businesses financial transactions and accounts. 

Branch Wise Accounting

Manage different branches of a business under one application through the Financial Management System of PrismERP. It can track all financial transactions, income statements and maintain the proper balance sheet of a business. 

Management of Cash Flow

All the operating activities of incoming and outgoing cash of a business and gives accurate information of the cash flow which automatically generates future cash flow status.

Investment Management System

Unlock Financial Success with Ease

Investment Management Module empowers businesses to streamline investment processes and make informed financial decisions. This user-friendly module integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP, offering a centralized dashboard, insightful reporting, and efficient management of investment profiles and transactions. Financial departments, executives, accountants, and investment managers can all benefit from the module's comprehensive features.


  • Effortless Record-keeping
  • Simplified Tax Management
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Risk Reduction

Core Features

  • Automated Interest & Deductions
  • Simplified Encashment & Renewals
  • Real-Time Maturity Alerts
  • Investment Reports  
  • Branch Wise Reporting

Smart & effective supply chain management for higher customer satisfaction

Supply Control

Proper supply of goods or products is a key highlight to any supply business. PrismERP delivers the most feasible controlling feature that helps to manage product inventory in the proper manner and prevent mismatch.

Proper Execution

Set out a target for supply chain operation which includes marketing the business, promotions, timing, and respective quantities, production policies etc. Gives the assurance of proper supply chain executions process which includes the warehouse manufacturing and transportation management all are visible and executed accurately from the ERP system.

Monitor and Measurement

Track and identify the current status of all supply chain activities as well as proper investigation of target activities are to be figured out automatically and elaborately from the system.

Inventory Analysis

Keep proper track of all the production goods or supplier goods from the inventory so that business goods are properly getting in and out from the inventory.

Purchase (Local & Foreign)

Convinent solution for all stages of procurement

Regular purchase operations can often prove to be quite a challenge if not taken care of properly. PrismSCM is the one-stop solution to process both local and foreign purchase based activities in an accurate and efficient manner saving you tons on cost and effort.


  • Purchase return & exchange
  • Purchase VAT calculation
  • Purchase cancellation
  • Increased revenue
  • Purchase invoice
  • Purchase request

Core Features

  • Procurement Reference Tracker
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Return & Exchange
  • Purchase VAT Calculation
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Cancellation
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Purchase LC (Import)
  • Product Requisition
  • Purchase Request

Purchase Delivery

Detail delivery information with reference to purchase order/invoice

Track out all the shipment and delivery of goods with detailed information that are being purchased from the system. These delivery methods can be performed partially or fully depending on the demand. PrismERP purchase delivery helps to issue good received notes or material received notes.


  • Enhance customer communication
  • Efficient order management
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Delivery information
  • Streamline process
  • Invoice accuracy

Core Features

  • Delivery Challan Without PI
  • Automated PI from GRN
  • Goods Received Note
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Purchase Return
  • 2-way matching
  • Partial Delivery
  • PI from GRN

Purchase Quality Control

Maintain quality benchmark through extensive quality control

The best product quality is guaranteed by purchase quality control, which helps to attract in more consumers. PrismERP minimizes the potential of possible low quality goods in the inventory to ensure the product you receive as per the quality control guideline of your company.


  • Satisfaction of consumers
  • Better resource utilization
  • Reduce inspection cost
  • Set quality benchmark
  • Elimination of waste
  • Higher profitability

Core Features

  • Third Party Quality Control
  • Purchase Quality Analysis
  • QC Template
  • QC Checklist

Inventory Control

Inventory with automated accounting system

By eliminating unnecessary inventories and maintaining appropriate stocks material, Inventory control ensures smooth production operations which avoids shortage of demandable material.


  • Improve warehouse productivity
  • Product batch management
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Inventory accounting
  • Greater automation
  • Product booking
  • Reduce cost

Core Features

  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Product Images & Attachments
  • Inventory Summary Portlets
  • Sample Products Inventory
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Asset Items on Inventory
  • Damage Products Stock
  • Rack-Shelf Distribution

Demand Forecasting

forecast upcoming sales trend & plan accordingly

Demand forecasting allows immediate stock replenishment, improved capacity management, and the highest possible sales and profits. PrismERP demand forecasting reduces the chances of overstocking or stockouts. Proper forecasting ensures correct inventory at the right time which allows just in time production.


  • Create business opportunities
  • Optimize production planning
  • Faster inventory management
  • Enhance resource allocation
  • Effective business strategy
  • Better financial decision

Core Features

  • Distributor wise demand forecasting
  • Territory wise demand forecasting
  • Product Wise demand Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Analytical Graphs
  • Demand Planning 

Supply Chain Planning

Demand to delivery, manage complete cycle of supply chain

From demand forecasting to inventory and risk management, supply chain planning helps to synchronize entire supply chain activities. An efficient supply chain planning assures business growth in a sustainable way in the competitive market.


  • Enhanced risk reduction
  • Improve quality control
  • Higher efficiency rate
  • Shipping optimization
  • Better collaboration
  • Reduce expenses

Core Features

  • Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity
  • Safety Stock

Supplier Relationship Management

Maintain relationship with supplier with reducing operational overhead

The main goal of supplier relationship management is to establish a beneficial relationship between an organization and its suppliers. It makes more collaborative relationships with key suppliers to realize new value and reduce risk of failure.


  • Greater supply chain integration
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Longer supplier relationships
  • Improve cost management
  • Less complexity
  • Increase trust

Core Features

  • Supplier Product Performance Analysis
  • Contract/Agreement Management
  • Supplier Contact Info
  • BIN Management
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Supplier Portal
  • Supplier Type


Automated sourcing & supplier management to streamline the procurement process

Prism e-Procurement solution allows companies & organizations to manage & connect with 3rd party suppliers for goods and /or services. In other words, Prism e-Procurement portal is a secure management system that helps businesses that network with many suppliers, significantly streamline their procurement process online.


  • Suppliers are automatically informed any changes in the Purchase Order
  • Supplier self service from assessment to delivery
  • Publish tender schedule & procurement notice
  • Digitally accept proposal & update suppliers
  • Automatically issues Purchase Orders (POs)
  • Easy access to the PO for the supplier
  • Keeps a transparent log of each event
  • Reduces manual administrative tasks

Core Features

  • Online Registration & e-Assessment of Suppliers
  • e-Submission of Proposal and e-Acceptance
  • Public and Private Procurement Notice
  • Automated Notifications & Reminders
  • Supplier Payment Terms and Contract
  • Sourcing & Contract Management
  • EOI Acceptance through portal
  • Supplier Account Management
  • Publish Procurement Notice


Purchase warranty claim & return management

An effective return merchandise authorization emphasizes returning a product for a refund, replacement, or repair while the product is still covered by the manufacturer's guarantee. The RMA process provides efficient return management while making it simple and quicker to use the purchase warranty.


  • Warranty period notification
  • Authorize claiming process
  • Faster return process
  • Effective resources
  • Claim verification
  • Minimize effort

Core Features

  • Single Purchase Warranty Claim
  • Batch Purchase Warranty Claim
  • Warranty period notification
  • Product Repair & Replacement
  • Non-Serial Warranty
  • Serial Warranty

Product Serial

Track every single product through an unique serial numbers

Maintain appropriate sequencing of a massive number of items that will automatically produce through each individual product serial number with the help of PrismERP's product serial solution. Make product deliveries precise and secure by using effective serial management to ensure that the exact number of items belonging under a given serial are correctly sent from the system.


  • Serial Stock List Reporting
  • Easy Serial Maintaining
  • Ensures Exact Stocking
  • Serial Transfer Report
  • Multiple way of Serial
  • Serial History Report

Core Features

  • Manual Serial Generation
  • Auto Serial Generation
  • Serial wise Delivery
  • Importing Serial

Make your sales & distribution system easier for salesmen, distributors and resellers

Distributors Stocks

The availability of proper distribution of goods or products for each distributor are reliably ensured by the system. PrismERP allows the added benefit of increased manufacturing efficiency and the elimination of delivery crises leads to improved customer support.

Secondary Sales

PrismERP ensures accurate sales and operations of distributors with the retailers starting from the step of business requisition to price control to reducing inventory piling up redundantly. The streamlined process of secondary sales from PrismERP allows utmost visibility between distributors and retailers, improving the business relationship with one another.

Territory Management

Make proper analysis of all the shipment details as well as delivery of goods to customers. Reporting provides all the specific details of sending date, receiving date, delivery date, Total cost, quantity of goods etc.

Hire/EMI Sales

Maintaining EMI for the customers can be quite a cumbersome task. PrismERP saves time and effort in abundance by accurately calculating and managing EMI for each of the customers. Ensuring payments in installments is now easier than ever!

Sales Target Vs Achievement

Analyze all the supply chain activities via reporting. Able to report individual employer working activities in supply chain as well as the detailed chain process and invoices of goods manufacturing, selling and delivery etc.

Sales (Local & Foreign)

Manage sales & related shipment, auto inventory with export LC

Commercial invoices, proforma invoices, and work orders as per export LC can be created, tracked, and assigned by PrismERP sales with consideration to specific sales contracts.


  • Easier currency exchange
  • Better risk management
  • Better LC management
  • Inventory management
  • Shipment management
  • Increased revenue
  • Faster growth

Core Features

  • Individual Target and Achievement
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Target
  • Target vs Achievement summary
  • Product wise sales target
  • Collection Target
  • Sales Planning
  • Self Target

Order Management

Effecient customer order tracking to ensures fullfillment

To streamline the sales process by integrating multi-channel orders into a single, central, and well-organized system, PrismERP order management gives real time data based on customers location to get them their product as soon as possible.


  • Scalable order processing
  • Order history management
  • Order status tracking
  • Accounting automation
  • Sales tax automation
  • Lower inventory cost
  • Credit management
  • Order search

Core Features

  • Work Order BOM
  • Market Return
  • Price Control
  • Sample Order
  • Work Order 
  • Quotation

Sales Delivery

Delivery invoice preparation & tracking

PrismERP supply chain management allows any type of company to ensure just in time delivery by maintaining smooth shipment operation with multiple shipping addresses and effective delivery management.


  • Delivery invoice preparation & tracking
  • Multiple shipping address
  • Delivery packing list
  • Delivery gate-pass
  • Delivery tracking
  • Delivery Challan
  • Partial delivery
  • Delivery return
  • Sales Delivery
  • Delivery order
  • Route assign

Core Features

  • Challan Without Invoice (Delivery Order)
  • Generate Carton Number for Delivery Challan
  • Sales Delivery Challan Management
  • Vessel Information Management
  • Instant Delivery on Invoice
  • Multiiple Shipping Address
  • Carton Capacity Management
  • Site Delivery Address
  • Delivery Packing List
  • Packing List Printing
  • Shipment Schedule
  • Delivery Return
  • Delivery Order
  • 2-way matching

Dealer Management

Equip dealers with powerfull suite of tools for automation and managing sales channel

With PrismERP Treasury management, an organization can easily make a proper planning for their every payable, receivable, investments, can count liquidity related risks, they will also have proper information about available funds & can observe the evolution of current funds, & can also make sure the best utilization of their resources.


  • Better decision making
  • Seamless integration
  • Better communication
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Flexible management
  • Inventory control
  • Single solution

Core Features

  • Purchase Requisition to Work Order
  • Automated Invoice Intigration
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Dealer Portal
  • Delivery Out

Sales Promotion

Multiple criterion based advanced sales promotion configuration

PrismERP sales promotion enables various marketing strategies to increase sales with organizational advantages while tracking the target audience.


  • Multiple criterion based advanced sales promotion configuration
  • Advance marketing strategy
  • Competitive advantage
  • Track target audience
  • Specific objectives
  • Sales Promotion
  • Increase sales
  • Cost reducing

Core Features

  • Bulk Update General and Trade Discount
  • Promotional Gift(Gift Voucher)
  • Product Promotion & Discount
  • Membership Card Discounts
  • Bulk Quantity Promotions
  • General Discount
  • Coupon Discount
  • Trade Discount
  • Free Product

Credit Control

Control and monitor customer credit control

Financial stability, cash discounts, credit durations, and collection policies are all examples of credit control, which offers an accurate accounting of the proportion that encourages the sale of products or services by giving credit to clients.


  • Streamline accounting process
  • Automated limit checking
  • Ensure business growth
  • Better risk management
  • Reduce late payments
  • Protect cash flow
  • Time saving

Core Features

  • Batch Credit Limit Update Based on Sales Rate
  • Block Credit Limit on Credit Receipt Days
  • File Upload for Credit Limit
  • Customer Credit Limit

Sales Target

Features to provide and track sales target for sales person

In order to reach a long-term goal with a successful sales strategy, establish a target for the supply chain operation that measures individual sales activities, promotions, timeliness, and respective quantities.


  • Effective sales strategy
  • Measure sales activities
  • Increase market share
  • Boost productivity
  • Proper direction
  • Long-term goal
  • Define Goals

Core Features

  • Individual Target and Achievement
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Target
  • Target vs Achievement summary
  • Product wise sales target
  • Collection Target
  • Sales Planning
  • Self Target

Sales Incentive

Outline the best sales incentive programme to reach organizational's sales goals

Achieving organizational objectives is facilitated by motivating employees to work more productively by recognizing top performers and outlining the greatest sales incentives.


  • Organizational benefits
  • Better team collaboration
  • Enhance team productivity
  • Recognize top performers
  • Ensure job satisfaction
  • Target achievement
  • Increase sales

Core Features

  • Sales Incentive and Commission Management
  • Incentive Provisioning on Sales Invoice
  • Automated Incentive Calculation
  • Sales Incentive Configuration 
  • Incentive Adjustment

Commission Management

Calculate commission against set criterias

PrismERP commission management assigns and manages commissions targets for sales members, distributors, and allows provision of setting commission rate for sales invoice.


  • Extensive compensation management
  • Automated commission calculation
  • Monitor individual performance
  • Manage payroll expenses
  • Set commission criteria
  • Performance visibility
  • Encourage employees

Core Features

  • Sales Incentive and Commission Management
  • Commission Provisioning on Sales Invoice
  • Distributor Commission Management
  • Commission Disbursement

Territory Management

Manage sales territories & territory wise sales professionals

To establish the appropriate sales strategy by territory management, individual sales professionals should forecast and analyze the sales demand for each territory, setting territory-specific goals and measuring success.


  • Effective territory hierarchies
  • Track performance analytics
  • Better customer interaction
  • Proper task distribution
  • All in one solution
  • Visualize CRM data
  • Time saving

Core Features

  • Territory wise Sales & Collection Report
  • Territory wise Target and Achievement
  • Territory Area Management
  • Territory Organogram

Secondary Sales Management

Track & manage dealers/distributors stock, inventory & sold products

Secondary sales management integrates secondary invoicing, secondary customer management, secondary inventory, and secondary delivery challan which are related with distributors and dealers inventories.


  • Effective production planning
  • Manage distributor stocks
  • Better inventory control
  • Avoid unexpected product
  • Complete market insights
  • Track dealers details
  • Organized cash cycle

Core Features

  • Secondary inventory management
  • Secondary customer management
  • Secondary dealers management
  • Secondary delivery challan
  • Manage secondary invoice

Customer Management

Customer wise ledgers, transactions, documents, and many more

End to end order management system delivers higher satisfaction to customers so that they can make orders repeatedly to ensure greater business profit.


  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Better customer knowledge
  • Higher customer retention
  • Target effective audience
  • Specified customers need
  • Increased revenue

Core Features

  • Customer Documents
  • Membership Points
  • Customer Ledger
  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Tickets
  • Customer Portal

Hire Sales

Purchase aggreement with customer & structured EMI calculation by taking into account the down payments

PrismERP Hire Sales enables installment-based sales, where the size of the down payment is defined according to the product and category, with various interest rates.


  • Monthly payment details
  • Easier payment planning
  • Various payment methods
  • Interest evaluation
  • EMI calculation

Core Features

  • Unearned Carrying Charge Calculation
  • EMI Installment Scheduling
  • Multiple Interest Rates
  • EMI Invoice Tracking
  • Down Payment Control
  • EMI Policy

Field Force Management

End-to-end solution to gather & track records from field force

From a single automated solution with real-time data, track and monitor every field force activity of a business that differs from company to company, business to dealer, and business to customer.


  • Minimize duplication
  • Increase automation
  • End-to-end solution
  • Immediate reporting
  • Real time workflow
  • Minimal inaccuracy
  • Faster accounting

Core Features

  • Field force Activities Management
  • Field force Android Application
  • Route Configration
  • Location Tracking
  • Route Assign

Increase your management efficiency with higher accuracy of performance calculation

Ensures employee needs

Timely salary generation meets employee wants and needs which is often the biggest headache of an employee working for an organization. Added benefits also stem motivation in an employee to work extra hard for their organization.

Enables employee job growth

Performance appraisals can have a profound effect on an employee ensuring work satisfaction and added motivation to work harder. A company practicing performance appraisal always gets benefited by their employee work effort.

Helps to meet business objectives

An organogram chart is a helpful tool to know employee roles and responsibilities which eliminates the chances of moving away from company objectives. It requires each responsible person to do their own tasks of the operations.

Ensures employee dedication

Attendance tracking is essential to strengthen the workforce of a company. It brings benefits to both employers and employees.

Personal Information Management System

Manage information of employees & their relevant details

PrismERP allows the powerful search engines within the employee management database to let you access the information you need quickly and securely. Using just one smart application increases efficiency with the speedy delivery of important employee data.


  • Employee Qualifications Management
  • Employee Signature Management
  • Employee Documents Management
  • Employee Transfer Management
  • Individual Employee Details
  • Manage Employee Profiles
  • Manage Employee History

Core Features

  • Personal Information Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • Employee Specialization
  • Activation/Deactivation
  • Designation Master Data
  • Department Master Data
  • ID Card Management
  • Employee Profile
  • Leave Management
  • Extended PIM

Training & Specialization

Employee training management for better skill inventory

Organize all the training materials required for a specific module, importing them to a specific schedule that can be easily managed at any time.PrismERP training and specialization helps to develop each training module for existing employees, new hires, or interns.


  • Training Schedule Management
  • Employee Skill Development
  • Attract New Professionals
  • Training Cost Management
  • Employee Assessment
  • Training Activities

Core Features

  • Employee Specialization Management
  • Trainee & Trainer Management
  • Training Schedule Management
  • Training Cost Management
  • Training Activities
  • Loan Approval Layer

Time & Attendance

A centralized system to eliminate all paperwork for attendance & multiple data resources via PrismADC

PrismERP time and attendance provides automated timekeeping processes in a few short clicks. It eliminates all paperwork related to time & attendance management which improves workforce management with centralized attendance policies and procedures.


  • Multiple Data Resources
  • Track Employee Movement
  • Attendance Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Shift Management
  • Late Management
  • More Control

Core Features

  • Fetch Data from Third party Application
  • Attendance Device Integration
  • Encashment Payment Procedure
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Leave Carry Forward Process
  • Attendance Management
  • Over Time Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Late Management
  • Shift & Roster
  • Leave Policy

Employee Loan

Manage employee loan & advance

Simplify the loan process for any employee with PrismERP employee loan management which offers a variety of loan facilities. Easily specify unique loan criteria on an individual basis for any individual employee.


  • Convenient Repayment & Adjustment
  • Simple Loan Tracking & Management
  • Single & Multi Installments
  • Multi Approval Layer
  • Interest Based Loan
  • Loan under Deposit
  • EMI System

Core Features

  • Loan & Advance Manager with EMI
  • Salary Loan Configuration
  • Employee Salary Advance
  • Assigned Manager Portal
  • EMI Based Salary Loan

Employee Tax

Income & withholding TAX management according to regulatory compilance

Configure tax rules based on the tax policy with a comprehensive report on tax statements as per individual employee. PrismERP employee tax allows meticulous calculation of salary tax.


  • Manage Tax Compliance
  • Salary Tax Calculation
  • Visible Tax Statement
  • Configure Tax Rules
  • Generate Tax Policy

Core Features

  • Investment Return Manager
  • Tax Rules Configuration
  • Salary Tax Calculation
  • Tax Exemption Policy
  • Tax Statement


Swiftly process employee earnings & deductions, obeying official legislative regulations

Smart application features can process earnings and deductions effortlessly within the payroll management hub of PrismERP. This feature allows to break down employee gross salaries into unique sub-sections.


  • Disburse Unschedule Payments
  • Maintain Salary Processing
  • Generate Accurate Payslip
  • Define Monthly Allowance
  • Reduce Compliance Issue
  • Effective Annual Report

Core Features

  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Monthly Allowance Management
  • Employment Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Salary Processing

Employee Self Service

ESS portal provides easy access to employees self service features

Employees get direct access to the employee portal where they may view and manage their relevant information through PrismERP's one-stop employee self service portal.


  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Ensure Employee Satisfaction
  • On Time Employee Records
  • Time and Cost Saving
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Easier Data Access

Core Features

  • Leave Approval of Subordinates
  • My Attendance Information
  • Online Leave Application
  • Employee Self Profile
  • PF & GF Configuration

Provident Fund & Gratuity Fund

One stop provident & gratuity fund solution

PrismERP provident fund and gratuity fund allows total oversight of fund calculations in one place. It’s a simple and fast way to receive accurate fund & transaction reports.


  • PF Calculations Integration with Payroll Process
  • View Employee Specific PF Journal
  • Manage Interest Based PF Loans
  • Multiple Refund Policy setup
  • Refund Interest Calculations
  • Unscheduled PF Calculation
  • Customize PF & GF Policy
  • Gratuity Configuration

Core Features

  • Provident Fund Management
  • Refund Management
  • PF Accounting
  • PF Loan
  • Gratuity

Performance Appraisal

Performance management & self appraisal to ensure satisfactory result

PrismERP’s Performance management system is a standardized evaluation tool and a well organized systematic method of documenting and evaluating an employee’s job performance and to check the development opportunities for the employees.


  • Employee Development Planning
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Better working environment
  • Recognize Best Talent
  • Actionable Feedback
  • Set Clear Objectives

Core Features

  • Performance Criteria (Single or Group)
  • 360 Degree Performance Appraisal
  • Bonus & Unscheduled Payment
  • Performance Rating System
  • Consolidate Appraisal 
  • KPI Bank

Disciplinary Management

Conduct all the necessary steps required to improve employee's productivity

Control the overall workforce management by taking necessary disciplinary actions to manage employee restrictions through PrismERP disciplinary management. It allows an organization to conduct all the necessary steps required to improve employee's productivity and maintain formal discipline of an organization.


  • Eliminates the Mishandled Actions
  • Professional Working Environment
  • Maintain Formal Discipline
  • Conduct Necessary Steps

Core Features

  • Disciplinary Statement Reason
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Warning Letter
  • Show Cause

Final Settlement & Exit Clearance

Transparent settlement with employee during their exit

PrismERP can easily maintain all remaining finances and settlements due when an employee leaves the company. This includes employee-assigned assets and transaction-related information due for return. Complex settlements can finally be made easily manageable by PrismERP.


  • Maintain Bill Processing Operations Before Separation
  • View Manager Portal Assigned to Your Employee
  • Pre-Custom Templates for Exit Clearance
  • Add and Manage Exit Clearance
  • Advanced Final Settlement

Core Features

  • Advanced Final Settlement
  • Employee Separation
  • Bill Processing
  • Exit Clearance
  • My PaySlip

Budget & Cost Center

Complete solution for a smart and effective budget

An elegant solution for a central cost center, with elite budget provision for each individual. PrismERP budget and cost center can maintain each individual section within your budget.It provides the easy view of the budget per task or project. The Cost Centre Feature can be organized efficiently, in order to track and maintain accurate budgeting for your organization.


  • Monthly Alerts and Summaries
  • Yearly Expense Comparison
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Category Visualization
  • Elite Payroll View
  • Expense Trends

Core Features

  • Efficient Distribution Feature
  • Smart, Accurate Forecasting
  • Budget Scenario Creation
  • Summary of Expenses

Welfare Fund Management System

Streamline Your Welfare Fund Management with Ease

The Welfare Fund Management System, an advanced module within PrismERP, empowers organizations to streamline their welfare fund-related activities. Users can easily create and manage welfare funds, track contributions and disbursements, and ensure data accuracy with quick updates. The system also enables seamless document management and attachment handling, facilitating streamlined record-keeping. Organizations can efficiently manage funds, focusing on providing optimal support to their employees.


  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Improved Oversight
  • Better Compliance
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Simplified Management
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Greater Transparency

Core Features

  • Effortless Fund Creation and Management
  • Contribution Tracking
  • Disbursement Management
  • Data Accuracy
  • Document Management
  • Reporting

Optimize efficiency through allocating accurate resources with smarter production planning and control

Monitor & Track Progress

With PrismERP's Production solution, each production step's progress is tracked and every error is acknowledged through in-depth reports. It became simpler to follow an organization's progress according to those comprehensive reports and ongoing observation.

Reduced Wastage

Excess production and uncalculated resource procurement can be brought to 0% by proper utilization of resources. PrismERP production planning and control minimizes waste and boosts an organization's profitability by carrying out efficient production planning and scheduling.

Corrective Action On Critical Issues

Effective production planning and management enable reliable data and calculations, making it simpler to take necessary action.

Accurate Statistical Forecast

Through PrismERP production planning and control, the forecast function creates statistical quality reports for each item, balancing the entire operational system of the company.

Production Management

Keeping records from start to end of every manufacturing related works

Activities for PrismERP production management include sequential steps including gathering raw materials, assembling them all, marking and cutting, QC, finishing, pressing, packaging, and shipping, followed by customer delivery while upholding customer requirements.


  • Minimize Damage and Losses
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cost
  • Assure Product Availability
  • Faster Production Process
  • Ensure Product Quality
  • Increased Profitability
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Waste Reduction

Core Features

  • Routing Configuration
  • Bill of Materials
  • Pre-Costing

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production planning & intelligent scheduling utilizing every valuable seconds

Just-in-time scheduling, which represents the present state of resource availability, is generated by PrismERP production planning and scheduling. An efficient production plan serves to increase productivity, decrease waste, and improve efficiency, all of which ensure organizational profitability.


  • Efficient Utilization of Resources
  • Monitor and Track Progress
  • Ensure On-time Delivery
  • Saving Production Cost
  • Effective Process Flow
  • Reduce Inventory Cost
  • Eliminate Time Waste

Core Features

  • Forward and Backward Scheduling
  • Just-In-Time Configuration
  • Event & Step Configuration
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning

Plant Maintenance

Preventive & corrective maintenance

PrismERP plant maintenance solution makes it easier to understand at what rate and quantity machinery can produce outcome, confirming 100% utilization of proper resources with preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.


  • Proper Planning Identification
  • Smoother Production Floor
  • Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Reduce Quality Defects
  • On Time Notification
  • Track on-time Report
  • Parallel Scheduling

Core Features

  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Maintenance Operation 
  • Maintenance Ticket
  • Maintenance Log
  • QC Purpose

Material Requirement Planning

Strategic & demand driven planning, scheduling, & inventory control for systematic production

The production process is more effective when required raw material calculations and purchase reservations are made automatically based on production planning. PrismERP's material requirement planning allows to configure the necessary raw materials for finished goods as well as the input raw materials, output products, and production planning for each part separately.


  • Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Greater Resource Optimization
  • Control Supply Chain Activities
  • Assures Materials Availability
  • Increase Labor Productivity
  • Fully Automated process
  • Time Saving Solution
  • Effective scheduling 

Core Features

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Consumption Analysis
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lean Management

Quality Control

Assure top-notch quality as per customer demand & meet global standards

PrismERP quality control ensures the standard quality by routinely monitoring and tracking each stage of production. This improves the business by lowering waste and providing the highest possible outputs of finished goods.


  • Enhance Customer satisfaction
  • Maintain Global Standard
  • Step by Step Checking
  • Quality Reports Data
  • Defect Identification
  • Technical Evaluation

Core Features

  • Quality Control MIS Dashboard
  • Package Units Configuration
  • Quality Section Management
  • Quality Personnel
  • QC Approval


Systematic packing list with bar-code

PrismERP packaging guarantees the unique identification of every product through a variety of processes, including primary packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging, labeling with a distinctive product barcode.


  • Enhanced Product Usability
  • Individual Product Bar-code
  • Easy Product Identification
  • Maintain Product Safety
  • Product Differentiation
  • Customer Satisfaction

Core Features

  • Automated Data Update
  • Package Tracking

Shipping & Logistics

Courier & packing list, shipment schedule management, automated data update

Ensure the customer requirement with maintaining the proper deadline to create the superlative apprehension with PrismERP’s effective shipping and logistics planning.


  • Comprehensive Report Generate
  • Figure out your Real-time data
  • Shipping Resource Organize
  • Schedule management
  • Courier & Packing List
  • On-time Reminder
  • Meet the deadline

Core Features

  • Shipping Schedule Management
  • Shipping Resource Plan
  • Courier & Packing List
  • Line Loading

Enhance the operational efficiency with real-time work visibility

Proper Planning and Scheduling

PrismERP productivity management allows proper task distribution and proper scheduling which increase the team collaboration between the team. It assures the project's success by ensuring that the team operates at a high level of efficiency, which is kept up by good planning and scheduling.

Real Time Monitoring

Determine the current state of individual tasks, projects, work responsibilities are well maintained or not all that are easily monitored by PrismERP productivity management. Through the real time monitoring it's become easier to get a faster and flexible on time comprehensive report.

Reports and Analytics

Comprehensive PrismERP productivity management reports and analytics display all relevant data sequentially and systematically from multiple sources, which aid in high-level decision-making for the organization.

Ensure Project Standardization

Productivity management ensures the project standard that maximizes organizational profitability by monitoring the workers, providing real-time work visibility, and eliminating the needless tasks.

Task Management

Comprehensive & Integrated task management system

Assign and track multiple tasks from multiple sources throughout the ERP such as projects, customer are generated by PrismERP task management. Real-time task flow of individual team members through effective task distribution used to assign, monitor, and assess each phase of a project from beginning to end. By guaranteeing project success, PrismERP task management ensures operational effectiveness and organizational profitability. Employees are able to keep track of their to-do lists through comprehensive project reports and efficient integrated task management.


  • Proper Planning and Scheduling
  • Ensure Project Standardization
  • Better Risk Management
  • Meet Project Deadlines
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Increase Productivity
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Efficient

Core Features

  • Task Entry & Assignment
  • Goal/Sprint Definition
  • Task Administrator
  • Task Manager
  • Task Kanban

Workflow Management

Sequential and rule-driven workflow configuration for advanced process flow within the organization

PrismERP provides a holistic enterprise to prepare sequential and rule driven workflow for efficient process management. It allows preparing workflows on multiple sources and multiple processes to define SOP and ensure it’s well maintained. This automated solution eliminates pointless activities and requires every team member to complete their task in a timely manner.


  • Redundant Unnecessary Task
  • Operational Transparency
  • Faster Task Management
  • Systematic Work Process
  • Advanced Process Flow
  • Real-time work visibility
  • On-time Notification
  • Eliminates Error
  • Reduce Cost

Core Features

  • Multi-Layer Approval Process
  • Rule Based Workflow

Android Apps

A 360 degree business operating system in the palm of your hands

Android application brings the enterprise operation to the user's hand. PrismERP allows maintaining and monitoring the workforce from anytime, anywhere through an android application. Employees can upload attendance data, leave applications from anywhere and as per the given attendance, management can track the instant location via android apps.


  • Automated Device Management
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Faster and Flexible Solution
  • Upload Leave Application
  • On-time Communication
  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Information Security

Core Features

  • Location Tracking with Attendance
  • Mobile Attendance
  • Leave Application
  • Payslip


Always stay updated through real time push notifications

PrismERP generates on-time notifications from different sources. As a reminder for specific activities, project deadlines, and sequential workflow, PrismERP offers the advantages of push notifications. Before any scheduled task or project, this automated notification will give a reminder to the concerned person or department for fulfilling the responsibility which improves the overall productivity of the organization.


  • Individual Task Notification
  • Deadlines Notification
  • Team Collaboration
  • Project Notification
  • Time Efficiency

Core Features

  • Hierarchy Configuration

Provides better sales opportunities and keeps track of all customer communications

Uplift Marketing strategy

The PrismERP customer relationship management system is the best choice to sell the company's product and service in a wider context while thinking about developing a strong business relationship with the customer.

Track Sales Stage

Utilize a customer relationship management solution to track sales conveniently, making it much easier to sell products to specific new or existing customers and to let the relevant person or department to see the current state of a certain product sale.

Marketing Survey

With the customer relationship management solution of PrismERP, different types of survey or questionnaire can be processed and filled up either by online method or through customer portal from the system

Lead Generation

Maintaining the leads into the CRM of PrismERP is one of the important parts of the business to know the successful lead which is mandatory for repeat quote/sales.

Pre-Sales CRM

Opportunity creation to customer onboarding - a complete sales funnel management

PrismERP pre-sales CRM creates effective opportunities for enrolling more customers by maintaining opportunity form including additional fields for the opportunity's stage or status, profitability, and anticipated revenue for the company. It offers an unique interface for managing and storing information on different branches, quotations and surveys.


  • Effective Pre-sales Process
  • Qualified Lead Generation
  • Organization’s Interaction
  • Enrolling more customer
  • Opportunity Creation
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Quotation History

Core Features

  • Quotation Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Activity Management
  • Lead Management


Standard receivable invoice with automated accounting

Utilize the PrismERP billing and invoicing solution to quickly and automatically generate serial-wise sales and purchase invoices. Tracking the sales and accurate customer information become quicker through the weekly or monthly invoice history which makes comprehensive sales reports for the organization.


  • Accurate Customer Information
  • Serial Wise Purchase Invoice
  • Faster Invoice Processing
  • Serial Wise Sales Invoice
  • Automated Accounting
  • Invoice History
  • Track sales 

Core Features

  • Survey Management
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Invoice

Service Billing

Utilize robotic process automation to ease the billing process

PrismERP's service billing solution is an all-inclusive and adaptable solution for operating any kind of service billing functionality, including service contract requirements, billable services, service sale orders, and service contracts.


  • Service Wise New Service Analysis
  • Branchwise New Service Analysis
  • Customer Transaction Summary
  • Service Up Down Request List
  • Package Wise Service Sales
  • Subscribers Services List
  • Service Sale Order List
  • Service Wise Sales

Core Features

  • Partial Billing for Service Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Packages & Contract Management
  • Subscriber Contract Management
  • Auto Invoice Email to Customer
  • Service Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Bill Notice via Email / SMS
  • Automated Bill Generation
  • Subscriber Management
  • Service Management
  • Service Dashboard
  • Service Multi-unit
  • Service Invoice

Support Ticketing System

A central system to answer all customers related tickets & support queries

Solve any kind of customer or employer queries, complaints with multiple ticketing pathways through PrismERP support ticketing system which provides a centralized system with automated ticket generating features.


  • Every Occurrence Notification
  • Multiple Ticketing Pathways
  • Improved Employee Service
  • Support Ticket Analytics
  • Support Collaboration
  • 24/7 Support Service
  • Easy Maintenance

Core Features

  • Multi domain / Product Support
  • Ticket Performance Monitoring
  • SLA Based Ticketing
  • Auto Assignment
  • eMail to Ticket

Return Merchandise Authorization

Manage returns and warranty claims from customers

To ensure an authorized claim process, track the entire warranty claiming process using the unique serial numbers of warranty products. The warranty claim reports that PrismERP return merchandise authorization provides indicate that the item was returned due to damage, brokenness, etc.


  • Managing service by serial code
  • Assign Purchase warranty claim
  • Easy Sale & Purchase Claim
  • Authorize Claiming process
  • Warranty period notification
  • Service Invoice Generation
  • Maintaining Serial History
  • Warranty claim report

Core Features

  • Repair Servicing Spare Parts Management
  • Replacement Claim and Charge Provision
  • SMS / Email Integration on State Change
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Warranty Spare Consumption
  • Project based Service Billing
  • Serial Product RMA
  • Repair Servicing
  • Warranty Claim
  • Non Serial RMA
  • Repair Invoice

Customer Portal

Automate customer service through comprehensive customer portal

Track the customer profile through the PrismERP customer portal, including the customer's purchase order location, transaction history, balance, compliance issues, credit purchase details, and other customer-related information.


  • Individual Customer Information
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Increased Responsiveness
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Better Customer Service
  • Purchase Order History
  • Easier Communication
  • Top-notch Security
  • Transaction Report
  • Greater Visibility

Core Features

  • Third Party Warranty Servicing

Ensure accountability and responsibility both through standardized office administration

All in one platform

PrismERP office administration modules provides the opppurtunity to integrate all organizational workflow into a single platform with integration capabillies, keeping all offices operations under one umbrella. All of the data and files are highly secured digitally according to the office administration system's multiple layer security system and real-time tracking. This reduces the use of manpower and makes the organization extremely cost effective.

Day to day activities

The daily and on-time activity updates provided by PrismERP office administration to the organization in a timely manner improve operational effectiveness and organizational profitability. This solution keeps an eye on each and every activity using an interactive interface.

Ensure right authorization

With the avoidance of manual file forwarding, PrismERP office administration's several approval layers verify the validity of each file procedure. Also it requires the digital recording of each data to maintain the right authorization of the management.

Library Management

Library asset management for better inventory tracking

PrismERP library management system is a comprehensive solution that helps librarians to keep track of their assets, inventory, loans, member subscriptions, profiles and relationship with the members. It's a complete solution that enables quick retrieval of thousands of records and real-time tracking of the location using an unique ISBN number.


  • Digital Membership Management
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Informative Dashboard
  • Easy Search for Books
  • Ensure High Security
  • Keep Track of Loans
  • Progress Tracking
  • Dynamic Reports

Core Features

  • Version History with Download Feature
  • Book Management and Requisitions
  • Provision for API Integration
  • Smart Rack Management
  • Multiple Security Layer
  • Member Management
  • Author Management
  • Book Requisitions
  • Book Lending

Fleet Management

Maximize business profit and lower operational cost by proper management of your fleet

Track all the vehicles and control overall fleet operations with PrismERP fleet management solution that helps to manage complete fleet control operations. Every fleet servicing is documented and accessible by fleet registration ID, providing the viewer with comprehensive information on the state of each fleet.


  • Fleet Income/Expense Management
  • Maintenance of Fleet Insurance
  • Record of Fleet Servicing
  • Fleet Trip Management
  • Route Management
  • Fleet Registration
  • Fleet Scheduling
  • Fleet Operation
  • Bill Generation
  • Fleet Servicing

Core Features

  • Overview of Income & Expense
  • On Board Tracking of Fleets
  • Lease or Rental Basis Fleet
  • Overall View of Workflows
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • User Access Control

Dispatch Management

Dispatch & track internal documents digitally and reduce paper waste

PrismERP dispatch management standardizes the filing process to ensure that records are properly maintained, stored, and archived which improve the documentation for further information to ensure efficient management. Only the authorized user will open files in accordance with ACL to preserve additional official letter references.


  • Ensure Accountability and Responsibility
  • Employee Movement Management
  • Ensure Effective Administration
  • Avoid manual file forwarding
  • Ensure the authentication
  • Details Documentation
  • Reduce Paper Waste
  • Track Files Location
  • Digital recording

Core Features

  • Registry with File Number
  • Doc/Letter Outbound
  • Doc/Letter Inbound
  • Movement of File
  • Files Accessibility
  • Files Download

Visitor Management

Manage appointments & schedules for all incoming visitors

PrismERP visitor management offers an appointment portal for visitors by which they can digitally take the appointment from the concerned person. Visitors can issue a digital visitor id card by using the visitor portal, which retains all the specific information needed. Employees and co-worker will have accurate information about visitors. VMS helps with workplace space management for company's staff and guests.


  • Contemporary Notification System
  • Real-time Appointment Tracking
  • Enhance Workplace Security
  • Lobby Free Appointment
  • Authorize Appointment
  • Multiple Security Layer
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Data Validation
  • Visitor Analytics

Core Features

  • Appointment Management
  • Pre-Book Appointments
  • Gate Pass Management
  • Visitor History
  • Visitor Portal

Enhance the project success rate with efficient project management

Team Management

Each project requires proper task distributions, efficient project workflows, resource allocation, and defined time efficiency which makes each team member more productive and makes the project successful through the appropriate planning and scheduling of PrismERP project system solutions.

Easy Integration

PrismERP has the ability to combine multiple modules and establish a centralized system, which makes it much simpler for project management to access required data and crucial documents from other relevant modules with right authorization.

Data-driven Decision

PrismERP project system solution allows to track and monitor each task and individual activities of a project. Automated tracking features help to take several key decisions to complete the project in a predefined time line. All the expenditure throughout the project is also recorded in the system which helps to optimize the project cost in the future.

Project Status Analysis

The PrismERP project system provides real-time work visibility and displays each project's current state.

Project Management

A platform to manage project of any scale

Operate different projects of a business effortlessly with proper project planning, prioritizing, execution, tracking tasks, deadlines, and team collaboration through the project management solution of PrismERP. Proper project management allows an organization to view their expenditure clearly and manage the budget with full visibility.


  • Standardized Project Planning
  • Extremely Integrated Modules
  • Effective Project Guidelines
  • On-premise Installation
  • Customized Features
  • Cloud-based Service
  • Resource Allocation
  • Centralized System

Core Features

  • Effortless Deployment
  • Project Task & Status
  • Configurable System
  • Maximum Security
  • Project Grouping
  • Project Summary

Project Planning

Plan and schedule projects task accurately with real time gantt chart

PrismERP project planning listed down the actions to be taken, ordered them properly, calculated the resources required, and determined the time required to complete the tasks effectively to enhance the project success rate.


  • Maintain Project Timelines
  • Proper Task Distributions
  • Proper Capacity Planning
  • Ensure Project Progress
  • Track on-time Status
  • Project Road Maps

Core Features

  • Interactive Project Planning
  • Scheduling Gantt Chart
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Resource Allocation
  • Project Plan Export
  • Project Costing

Project Accounting

Separate project accounting to generate project income statement

PrismERP project accounting collects all the relevant data of a project which identifies what makes a project more profitable and how to enhance the project workflow. Reducing the expenses with a proper accounting solution enhances organizational profitability.


  • Track Separate Project Accounting
  • Better Scheduling and Planning
  • Track Business Transactions
  • Proper Budget Management
  • Generate Financial Reports
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry

Core Features

  • Project Income Statement
  • Project Wise Expenses
  • Project Wise Budget
  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Vouchers

Project Inventory

Manage and track project wise inventory

Maintain individual project related records and monitor all the project-related raw materials, components, products, and services through PrismERP project inventory solution. Keep tracks of each inventory with the latest comprehensive report.


  • Accurate Tracking of Expenses
  • Systematic Project Inventory
  • Reduce Administrative Work
  • Individual Inventory Details
  • Streamline Inventory Work
  • Increased Productivity
  • Cost Saving

Core Features

  • Project Document Attachment
  • Inventory Stock Balance
  • Project wise Inventory
  • Material Consumption
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Transfer

Project BOM

Prepare specific BOQ/BOM with transparent informations according to projects

With the help of PrismERP BOQ/BOM, preparing the list of total number of materials required to complete a project in a timely manner. Each detailed information is visible in the project BOM.


  • Accurate Inventory Information
  • Powerful Resource Allocation
  • Organized Project Planning
  • Prepare Proper BOQ/BOM
  • Required Vital Information
  • Reducing Time Frame
  • Reduce Project Cost

Core Features

  • BOM wise Requisition & Delivery
  • Project Progress Status
  • Project BOQ/BOM

Ensure the extensibility of functional modules and the core application's foundation.

Functional Extensibility

The PrismERP core system components solution provides appropriate access control without sacrificing the extensibility of functional modules and the foundation of the core application. PrismERP is more versatile and secure for multiple user access due to its advanced security controls and well integrated features.

Improve business application

PrismERP provides fast and easy, low code development tools to create and continuously improve the business application at a scale. The core system components are easily develop and integrated with the prismERP modules that supports business and development collaboration. 

Ensuring proper security

The highest level of security for crucial business data is provided via single sign-on authentication and additional multi layer security features. In addition to two-factor authentication, dynamic user access management, and IP restrictions, PrismERP also provides a seamless backup solution for any kind of disaster recovery and an integrated security system.

PrismERP Core

Core system includes in-built security components, privileged access management, configuration and system management toolkits

PrismERP core includes the core application framework and architectural foundation upon which the whole application is built upon. This advanced low code foundation has built in security controls, a robust set of system management & configuration toolkits combined with advanced privileged access management controls and several integration options that truly defines an enterprise information system.


  • Extremely Integrated Solution
  • Specific User Administration
  • Better Security Control
  • Advance Functionality
  • Upgraded Features
  • Flexible Solution

Core Features

  • User Access Control
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Extensibility
  • Security

Branch Management

Branch wise licensing provides flexibility for companies with multiple operational hubs located in different locations

PrismERP branch management provides an in-depth assessment of how multiple branches that are located in multiple location are completing their operational tasks that must be finished on time with proper requirements.


  • Systematic Branch Management
  • Required Performance Reports
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Higher Level Decision Making
  • Real-time Data Availability
  • Easier Branch Monitoring
  • Stemline Daily Tracking

Core Features

  • Branch Performance Checklist
  • Maintain Multiple Branches
  • Branch wise Configuration
  • Branch wise User Access
  • Branch wise Reports

Business Intelligence

Robust set of reports & analytics combines a business intelligence

Business intelligence gathers, organizes, and integrates all of an organization's raw data through PrismERP, which offers powerful insights that support timely business-related decision-making to maximize operational benefits.


  • Consistently Identifying Business Issues
  • Improving Internal Business Procedure
  • Boost Operational Effectiveness
  • Comprehensive Report Viewer
  • Recognize Industry Trends
  • Multiple User Dashboard
  • Overall Operations View

Core Features

  • In browser Report Viewer
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Role wise Dashboard
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Report Designer


Industry standard single sign on authentication with additional security features

PrismCAS permits a user to access multiple applications while providing their credentials (such as user id and password) only once to a central CAS Server application. PrismCAS can integrate with active directory, database or other third party services like google accounts.


  • Optimized low cost for storage
  • Smooth data recovery process
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Statutory compliance
  • One click uploads
  • Absolute security
  • Faster downloads

Core Features

  • LDAP/OIDC/SAML/Active Directory/Support
  • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Centralized Role Management
  • Central Access Control

Document Management

Full flourished, platform ready and secured document storage solution

PrismERP document management offers a cloud-based system aids in document organization and archiving with adequate access control, enabling rapid access for big data analysis and other uses.


  • Export/Import of Data in All Formats
  • Convenient Access Control System
  • Simple Online Storage Solution
  • Individual User Access Point
  • Specific User Access Portal
  • Overall Document List
  • User Based Reporting

Core Features

  • Paperless Document Management
  • Authorized Documents Sharing 
  • Access Control & workflow
  • Data in Multiple Formats
  • Cloud Storage & Backup
  • Archiving & Retrieving 


Scheduled backup for disaster recovery & business continuity

Losing data unexpectedly won't be a nightmare any longer since PrismERP's seamless backup solution offers the highest level of data security.


  • Comprehensive Data Security
  • Faster and Flexible Recovery
  • Various Recovery Methods
  • Automated Backup Option
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Fully Protected Database
  • Manage Cache Recovery
  • Built-in Security System
  • Scheduled backup

Core Features

  • Point-in-Time Restoration
  • Application Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Backup









A Native ERP with Global Standard

Outshine you business with PrismERP through the global characteristics it offers. With the same features and advantages as any conventional and international ERP system, PrismERP never falls behind.


Flexible & Familiar System

With its well-known and adaptable system that can scale and alter, PrismERP enables you to compete in the global market.


Generic & Global Business Terms

Using industry standards and international terminologies, PrismERP maintains transparency with the rest of the globe.


Adaptable to modern technology

Regular version updates keep the system up-to-date and enable your company to use any latest technology.

What PrismERP Serves

Migrating Old Systems

Migrating Old Systems

Our solution is ready to migrate your old traditional system to a modern PrismERP System. 

Every Job Role

Every Job Role

Each and every job role, PrismERP meets the demand of CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO.

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud Based ERP

PrismERP as platform independent software allows users to access the software over the Internet from any location.

Bringing your business at your fingertips

PrismERP's highly intuitive UI is praised by users along with its native culture in implementation & support


PrismERP Mobile App

Integrated Business Operating Systems

Every business processes, with your single mobile device, by PrismERP mobile application

Better & faster decision making

Better & faster decision making

When all relevant information about your business is on hand, & accessible at any moment, bottlenecks are easily removed. Better decision-making is improved in one step.

Easy handling of tasks

Easy handling of tasks

Accessibility of crucial data from a mobile app lets your employees work remotely from anywhere, decreasing downtime & giving them the opportunity to easily handle their tasks.

Greater Visibility

Greater Visibility

Greater visibility & valuable insights into your business are achieved through real-time integration & streamlined processes. Focus on productivity and watch your business grow.

Best User Experience

Best User Experience

Reduce downtime & increase the productivity of your customers & employees by letting them experience our user-friendly platform.


Industry Recognition

8th Brac Bank-The Daily Star ICT Awards 2023

8th Brac Bank-The Daily Star ICT Awards 2023

Divine IT Limited won the award as the ICT Solution Provider of the Year (local market) in the 8th Brac Bank-The Daily Star ICT Awards.

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