Service Billing

Complete ERP solution for operating any kind of service billing functionalities

Service funcationalities may vary in different business but mostly associated with the proper accounting for VAT, discount and other costs. Our solution facilitates multiple units that can be added as a service to increase versatility in bill generation

Service Layer Agreement

A contract is maintained between the service provider and the end user defining the layer of service. The agreement defines the output that the customer is going to receive.

Custom Billing Policy

The billing policy includes two types of policies such as, partial forward and cycle forward and three billing methods which are, on demand, recurrent and seat based billings.

Notification Templates

Invoice notices which provides reminders and notifications and can be customized by users choice based on their preferences.

Service Multi Units

PrismERP’s Service Billing makes provision to add new services with multi units, purchase price, sale price & VAT

Service Item Groups

Synchronize with all the service items of your business and sort them in group wise. This includes overall details of each items

Service Package Management

List up all the service packages of your business and manage them very easily from the solution. Packages includes all the service information along with time period

Service Contract Management

Different type of service contracts as well as customized contracts to be controlled from the contract management solution. the feature can managed based on different authority layer or person of a business

Subscriber Management

Define & manage all the subscribed clients along with the services & contracts they have opted

Subscriber's Services Profile

Analyze and track all the services or service packages that a subscriber has taken and adapted with the amount due of each subscriber

Auto Invoice Generation

Auto Invoice generation to the email response where for specific number or a group subscribers who are under service will get an billing invoice automatically through email. by shaping up a template from the application which will automatically generate an invoice for the billing service for a reminder to the subscriber

Invoice and Payment Reminders

An easy method and option for reminding particular payments or invoices of a specific subcriber's services

Reports & Analytics

Service Sale Order List

The list shows the amount of services generated with specific details like Item type, service type, status, customer details and so on.

Service Up Down Request List

The analysis shows the fluctuation in a service that has been provided to the customer. By this analysis a customer can easily view their service quality and its current state

Package Wise Service Sales

This facilitates the user with service details under the package taken. It shows the quantity, amount and the filtering options such as branch, service, package, item and date.

Service Wise Sales

The report shows item numbers, product names, quantity of items, unit costs, total costs and the location where the products are delivered.

Subscribers Services List

The record shows code of the product, contract details, service ID, billing period, quantity, unit, unit cost, last and next bill, billing status, service status and so on


The analysis shows the starting and end date of the service usage including customer name and category including branch details

Branchwise New Service Analysis

Customer's can get an overview of branch wise services which includes bill starting and end dates, service items, billing cycle, branch name, customer name, contract, package, service status and billing status

Service Wise New Service Analysis

Customers can easily view the state of the new services which they purchased. starting from status, package types, billing cycle to service type, branch name

Customer Transaction Summary

With Service Billing solution, you can generate the bill receipt against the customers who has opted for different services. The overall transaction summary can be reported

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