Fleet Registration

PrismERP Fleet Management provides user to manage Fleet Basic Information, Lease Agreement Information, Security Money Payment, Insurance Information, Inspection Information and three types of registration e.g. Asset, Rent and Lease.

Fleet Schedule

You can manage Schedule Requisition, Create Schedule, View Scheduled Fleet list, Schedule Calendar , Rout wise schedule list, On Board Fleets, hidden scheduled list, hidden schedule calendar, create package.

Fleet Operation

Fleet Management System provides fleet operations like Driver management (Register a driver against a fleet, payments of driver), Accident Records, Fuel Consumption Records, Parts/Tire usage records and Requisition.

Fleet Service

You can Create Fleet Service against a fleet, create fleet service schedule, service schedule list, on service fleet list with our Fleet Management System.

Improve Your Fleet Management with PrismERP Fleet Management System

The application increases the operational efficiency and improves the accessibility from every corner of the organization and ensures the highest level of accountability inside the system. The solution is having all core modules and the ability to manage any types of businesses and maximizes the productivity across the organization.