Top ERP Software used in Bangladesh

In the ERP industry, the growth of each vendor's market share and overall advancements are very unpredictable. In most cases evaluating the previous year’s achievements and a software’s overall functionalities are taken into account while evaluating the best ERP systems.

Our list of top ERP software is a comprehensive list of companies that have taken the ERP game to another level and are here to reign in the ERP industry for years to come.


PrismERP is a solely platform independent web based application. There is no rigidity in operating the software whatever platform there might be. With a secure internet connection, PrismERP can be logged in from anywhere after passing relevant security steps. Since PrismERP is a web based application, Data can be stored directly in the cloud with consequent backup. Data in PrismERP is synchronized in Real Time. As the architectural framework has been developed using Python, PrismERP calls for a more secure, optimized and dynamic web application that provides an immense scope of customization. Each and every module/feature of PrismERP is quite intricately integrated to save time from entering data twice in a system.

Owing to the concerns of client Data Privacy, PrismERP has been tested by a world class security testing team keeping it free of any vulnerability. Such unique features of PrismERP have gained the trust of more than 400 customers from over 65 types of business industries.

PrismERP comprises a plethora of integrated modules catered to seamlessly streamline the business process of multi-dimensional businesses, be it manufacturing, trading or service based. 

Financial Management Solution

Financial management solution of PrismERP allows companies to carry out its objectives as satisfactorily as possible. PrismERP ensures your business profitability by addressing every demand and reducing operational costs with proper account maintenance.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management ensures the sales, purchase, and distribution system is easier for salesmen, distributors, and resellers. Sales is the outcome of supply and demand. Therefore its need to be tracked and analyzed through a suite of metrics that relate to these fundamental components that drive the market. The cloud based solution of PrismERP supply chain management helps to manage the complete cycle of supply chain from demand to delivery.

Sales & Distribution Management

PrismERP for Sales & Distribution Management delivers a powerful combination of integrated modules consisting of business processes required in selling, shipping, billing, delivery, pricing and credit management.

Human Capital Management

PrismERP Human Capital Management increases management efficiency with higher accuracy of performance calculation.

Production Planning and Control

The Production Planning and Control of PrismERP optimize efficiency through allocating accurate resources smarter.

Productivity Management

PrismERP Productivity Management allows proper task distribution and proper scheduling which increase the team collaboration between the team. It assures the project's success by ensuring that the team operates at a high level of efficiency, which is kept up by good planning and scheduling.

Customer Relationship Management

PrismERP Customer Relationship Management utilizes the greatest customer relationship management solutions with effective data management.

Office Administration

PrismERP Office Administration avoids manual file forwarding to reduce the paperwork and track the internal documents digitally.

Core System Components

PrismERP Core System Components utilize more versatile & dynamic user access management.

Project System

PrismERP Project System offers automated tracking features to take several key decisions to complete the project in a predefined time line.

Businesses all over the country, the world in fact approach to automate their businesses through PrismERP for a convenient and efficient business life. Certain features that contribute to the matter are:

  • Adherence of Financial Management System with IAS standard 
  • Dynamic Sales Forecasting and Territory Management
  • Simple and precise UI/UX of PrismERP 
  • Real time data synchronization
  • Single sign on feature (CAS)
  • Online customer portal 
  • Support ticketing system 
  • Online complaint portal 
  • Automated billing 
  • Multiple payment method integration 
  • Accurate VAT and Tax Calculation 
  • Digitized records
  • Single click report etc

Several concurrent users of PrismERP have expressed their satisfaction in terms of UI and UX. Double Entry is redundant in PrismERP. The software has been made simple enough for users to accurately and conveniently input data and generate reports.


Oracle’s E-Business Suite is a compilation of several Oracle applications designed for effective finance management. Oracle covers multiple operational modules like Supply-chain management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Procurement, and Customer Relationship Management. Oracle's relational database allows the users to use a single tool to collect information and manage processes from the same dashboard although access to data can be restricted through roles and permission functionality of the system.

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Microsoft Dynamics 360

Microsoft Dynamics specializes in industries like distribution, government, retail, and so on. The main functionality of the system is based on financial management, but the system can be used for sales, project management, and human resource management. For greater usability, this system supports various languages and is furnished with international currencies. The system can be deployed on-site or operated in the cloud for a higher fee. This system is widely used for its integration ability with Word, Excel, and Outlook and it is also offered to Windows, Android, and iOS users.


SAP is a German ERP product, best known for its automation of financial operations of small and medium enterprises. With SAP Business One, users can choose between a cloud system or deploying a premise system. Installation and the entire setup takes not more than 8 weeks. The noteworthy functionalities of SAP includes modules such as accounting, financial management, customer relationship management, procurement, reporting and integrations. This ERP system allows effective customer relationship management through lead generation and on-time marketing and sales support. SAP has the entire purchasing process automated for their customers making the procurement & order management process straightforward.

To top it all off, SAP came out with SAP HANA bearing the functionality to store and retrieve data. Its functions to store data in main memory rather than on a disk allows quicker data access, faster query, and processing. Apart from that, it gives advanced analytics, ETL (extract, transform, load) ability, and an application server. In recent years, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning was enabled to run on the HANA platform making SAP a powerful ERP together.


Infor is said to bring order into complex manufacturing processes. With advanced functionalities, Infor provides speed, and efficiency while stopping delays. Its multiple sets of inventory control options allows the manufacturers to produce and deliver their products on time. It allows users to adhere to regulations and standards, reduce waste, and allows the testing of procedures for manufacturing and supply chain systems. Run on SQL server, Infor Visual is fit for operating any kind of business operations. With Infor, cross-selling becomes easier and maintenance of multiple branches are done effortlessly. Infor Visual enables global deployment and allows performance monitoring from any device and location.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a recognized ERP software by AICPA as a top ERP provider to CPAs. Its default dashboard is easier to use for those who have experience working on other accounting software's. Sage has the capacity to serve many industries other than just manufacturing. Sage users have seen lower revenue leaks by effectively projecting project costs. It can also manage multiple currencies and taxes automatically. The software can be integrated with any e-commerce platform making online purchase and different e-commerce related services secured and easier.

Top Rated ERP Software Comparison Analysis

There are various ERPs that are acknowledged as ideal ERPs in the local and international market, however they are not in any chronological sequence. 

Here is a macro-level comparative analysis of some of the leading ERP solutions globally with PrismERP.

Features PrismERP Oracle MS 360 SAP
Platform Independent
Database Independent x x
Web Based
Integrated System
Data Migration x
Cloud based
On Premise Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Hybrid ERP
Licensing Mode Perpetual SaaS SaaS SaaS
Android/iOS App
Customizable x
Tax Compliance
Third Party Integration
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