Effortless Welfare Fund Management with PrismERP

The all-in-one solution for effortless welfare fund management.


Welfare Fund Management

Empower Your Team with Seamless Welfare Fund Management

Effortless Welfare Fund Management for Your Organization

Manage Fund with Ease

PrismERP enables you to set up welfare funds tailored to your needs. Modify existing funds and upload documents with ease, keeping your fund management up to date.

Enhanced Transparency for All

The PrismERP welfare fund management system prioritizes transparency, fostering trust and enabling informed decision-making for both administrators and employees.

Ensure Data Accuracy

Ensures data accuracy and integrity With PrismERP Welfare Fund Management . Easily modify fund details, ensuring up-to-date information. Accurate data prevents confusion and preserves the integrity of your benefit programs.

Data Analysis at Your Fingertips

Access data analysis effortlessly with PrismERP Welfare Fund Management. Generate detailed reports instantly using the Excel Downloader feature, simplifying fund data analysis and record-keeping.

Effortless Welfare Fund Management

Fund Creation to Allocation - Streamlining Welfare Fund Administration

PrismERP's Fund Management module simplifies the process of creating and managing funds. From initial setup to ongoing oversight, streamline your fund management tasks with ease.


  • Reduce Errors

Core Features

  • Effortless Fund Setup

Transparency for All

Unparalleled Transparency: Streamlined Fund Oversight

Dive into detailed information about each fund, from its purpose and eligibility criteria to its current balance. This level of transparency fosters trust and empowers employees to make informed decisions regarding their well-being benefits.


  • Efficient Resource Allocation
  • Improved Engagement
  • Informed Decision-Making

Core Features

  • Comprehensive Fund Overview
  • Detailed Fund Information

Data Integrity

Ensuring Accurate & Reliable Information

Maintaining accurate and reliable data is crucial for effective welfare fund management. PrismERP empowers you to make well-informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information.


  • Reduced Administrative Burden
  • Informed Decision-Making

Core Features

  • Effortless Data Input
  • Detailed Audit Trails
  • Secure Data Storage

Instant Data Insights

See Further, Decide Smarter

PrismERP prioritizes real-time data access, empowering both administrators and employees with instant data insights for informed decision-making.


  • Improved Resource Allocation
  • Streamlined Reporting & Analysis
  • Download Reports in different formate

Core Features

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Real-Time Information

Return Merchandise Authorization

Manage returns and warranty claims from customers

To ensure an authorized claim process, track the entire warranty claiming process using the unique serial numbers of warranty products. The warranty claim reports that PrismERP return merchandise authorization provides indicate that the item was returned due to damage, brokenness, etc.


  • Managing service by serial code
  • Assign Purchase warranty claim
  • Easy Sale & Purchase Claim
  • Authorize Claiming process
  • Warranty period notification
  • Service Invoice Generation
  • Maintaining Serial History
  • Warranty claim report

Core Features

  • Repair Servicing Spare Parts Management
  • Replacement Claim and Charge Provision
  • SMS / Email Integration on State Change
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Warranty Spare Consumption
  • Project based Service Billing
  • Serial Product RMA
  • Repair Servicing
  • Warranty Claim
  • Non Serial RMA
  • Repair Invoice

Customer Portal

Automate customer service through comprehensive customer portal

Track the customer profile through the PrismERP customer portal, including the customer's purchase order location, transaction history, balance, compliance issues, credit purchase details, and other customer-related information.


  • Individual Customer Information
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Increased Responsiveness
  • Builds Customer Loyalty
  • Better Customer Service
  • Purchase Order History
  • Easier Communication
  • Top-notch Security
  • Transaction Report
  • Greater Visibility

Core Features

  • Third Party Warranty Servicing

Why Welfare Fund Management?

  • Effortless Management
  • Crystal Clear Transparency
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Thriving Workforce

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