Asset Management

Complete & dynamic application which keeps track of all the assets for any industries

Fixed Asset Management module records all assets with proper depreciation of any business arena which ensures the strength of your business and provides forecasting of the sustainability report so that you can take decisions as needed

Facilitates Audit Support

The datas are recorded accurately as they are tied with the physical asset inventory, which is updated annually; providing accuracy at all time.

Proper Depreciation of Fixed Asset

Firms having multiple assets located in different tax zones can insure business profitability by paying as little as possible for investments in lands, buildings, plant machinery and other fixed assets.

Reducing Unnecessary Purchase

Increasing the performance of idle equipment and increasing their performance can save expenditures used to purchase new equipment

Accurate Profit Calculation

Fixed assets management allows to maintain accuracy in the calculation of profits and losses. Therefore, selling fixed assets or purchasing assets can be determined easily reflecting the process of depreciation and the available assets.

Precise Record of Company Resource

The application records all asset status, availability, release and reassigning status which ensures a clear record to manage company resource.

Powerfully Integrated

Combined with other modules this management system ensures accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

Asset Allocation Status

The application shows assets with their allocation status which ensures easy management of reassignments of assets.

Easy Depreciation

The system manages asset depreciation with IAS-16 depreciation methods which makes recalculating, adding additional depreciation, back depreciation easy.

Asset Depreciation Analysis

Asset depreciation dictates the amount of an asset at the current moment after depreciation. It shows the updated total cost of an asset making the company aware of the condition of the asset at current times.

Asset List Record

This report lists assets or products of a company with its serial number, product type, status, category and so on. The details of each product ensures inventory levels and cut costs of purchasing new products/assets.

Distributed Asset History

The asset history shows the detailed description of the assets past records- opening value, closing value, duration, depreciation value and so on.

Asset Acquisition and Registration

User can add new Item (category), new product and add new purchased assets. Asset List and Ledger will be updated for each transaction of asset addition.

Asset Classification

PrismERP provides their users the feature of classify their Asset. Tangible (Land, Building, Machines, Plants, Furniture, Computer, Vehicles Etc) and Intangible (Patent, Software Etc)

Group Asset

PrismERP enables group reports of assets by Product cost, Class, Provider, Branch and Department etc.

Assignment of Asset

Assets can be assigned to employees as a custodian.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking (Bar-Code , Serials, Register) is flexible solution that offers complete visibility in to the location, Condition and quantity of your assets.

Warranty Assignment

Warranty Information can be effectively assigned for purchased assets.

Depreciation Calculation

PrismERP estimates Asset depreciation expense for the periods for which you project depreciation based on the financial information for your existing assets at the start of that period. The projection includes additions, transfers, and reclassification transactions you perform in the current period.

Asset Disposal

Disposal Method for Asset which can be generated for two purposes. Sales purpose disposal and wastage disposal

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