Support Ticketing System

Best way to handle all customers and employer queries, complaints from a central system

Can ask customers questions at the end of every support session, which allows to collect data, perform analysis and also allows how happy your customers with the support system.Basically needed to provide full customer support from specific industry based companies

Multiple Ticketing Pathways

Solution provides two way of opening ticket for customer in business. One by the customer portal and other by throwing an email to the support address of the company and automatically generates ticket

Support Collaboration

Develop different team strength for same task and configure workflow hierarchy of your business policy for every team. After rising a new ticket, automatically moved following hierarchy and notify associate level agent or member

Every Occurrence Notification

Every Occurrence Notification Notify automatically, every stages of ticketing event such as status change, new reply etc. via email of all associate person. Email notifications sent from PrismERP are HTML or plain text & also customize email template easily

Support Ticket Analytics

Analyze and see the overall statistic of the tickets generated in your system. The overall analysis is provided with the system graph chart which will help to see the number of tickets solved and unsolved and level wise performance

24/7 Support Service

Provide efficient support of company to the customer for better service from the ERP system so that customer service facility becomes easier and can rapidly response each and individual issue

Easy Maintenance

STS solution is well automated in PrismERP which helps you to manage the complex process of ticketing system easily so that all the procedure is done without any complication

Improved Employee Service

 Employee under this STS can be managed easily to provide better support to customer for service. It reduces the operating cost as well individual employer can be assigned for specific tickets


Ticket Volume Trends

Showing the list of all ticket status and statistics as a chart which defines the backlog, number of tickets created, solved, resolved, unsolved tickets etc. altogether compiled or even in breakdown can be reported in this ERP system

Daily Ticket Trend

Daily Ticket Trend Visualizing the number of incoming tickets that are being generated on daily basis. The statistics can be reported easily with accurate workflow as well as in graphical method this can be represented

Monthly Snapshots

Provides all the snapshots of ticketing issue altogether in one reporting format or in graphical format that will help to visualize the overall condition of ticket 

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