Cloud Backup

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Cloud Backup

PrismERP helps meet the challenges around backup and recovery service level agreements such as legal compliance, data retention requirements, recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives metrics. PrismERP is at your rescue. We can help you speed up your cloud backup process. With exponential data growth and corporate data everywhere – PrismERP safeguard your data in the cloud.
Lost files and system failures can kill a project. That's why having a contingency plan is important. PrismERP Cloud Backup safeguards your business by helping to protect the important files in your organization.
With PrismERP Cloud back up, you can quickly get back to normal operations by rapidly restoring files after a system failure or file loss. We help you easily create, schedule, and manage file-level backups through our innovative cloud backup solution.
PrismERP Cloud backup is integrated with Cloud Servers on high-capacity network - protecting files and restoring backups is within the reach of our team.
We implement our cloud backup in such a way that data backup can help bolster your organization's data protection strategy without increasing the workload on internal IT staff.
PrismERP backup system is built around client software application that runs on a schedule determined by the purchased level of service. If the customer has contracted for daily backups, for instance, the application collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers data to the service provider's servers every 24 hours.
PrismERP has a cloud back up retention policy; cloud backups can reduce or even replace the need for off-site tape storage, so organizations are making the switch from disk-to-disk-to-tape strategies to disk-to-disk-to-cloud.
Flexibility is a special benefit of our cloud backup service because no additional hardware is needed.
We make managing a cloud backup system easier. Data moved offsite should be duplicated to speed the backup and encrypted for protection - PrismERP is at your rescue. We can help you speed up your cloud backup process.
We can provide portfolio of Cloud Backup, Recovery and Archiving along with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions that can meet the demands of any size organization.

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