Retail is the sale of goods to end user. Our solution enables to render faster service to your client

Our solution enables you to store all the listed products in the inventory. It also eases your purchase system and keep records of all your suppliers with break-down of supply lot. Smart sales planning system for your year-long inventory records & demand analysis.

Automated Source to Pay Solutions

Automate every step of local & foreign purchase starting from source to pay solutions. An accurate service on costing, accounting and tracking can accelerate the business revenue and minimize labor reliance.

E-commerce Enabled

Normally retailer shops are small in number but the ERP system can easily integrate business into e-store which can make business operations broader and increase its potential for selling.

Steady Sales Management

Steady sales management system for a flawless operation of a business, from quotation until attaining the revenue in order to increase the business growth and attain an error free sales record.

Guaranteed Supply Chain Management

Ensure the complete cycle of supply chain starting from salesman, distribution, resellers up-to the finishing product and goods delivery .ERP system can handle the full cycle very easily and faster which will increase business growth.

Smart RMA System

Smart RMA helps to claim for the products or goods that are being defected damaged or wasted which will help you to deal with customer easily for business and the claims can be directly done to the vendor via ERP system.

Branch & Central Control

A central ERP system controls all the branches, projects which help to achieve the business goal and be compatible with world's latest technology and manage all the business revenue from different branches.


Mobility includes the easy access of ERP application through mobile such as ordering goods for home delivery, payment slip of goods and many more. Easy access to see each and everything in mobile.

Error Free Product Serial System

System ensures the proper serial maintaining of the good or products that are going to be sold for business, extensions such as Desktop POS helps to make business process faster with error free serial of goods checking by bar-code scanner.

Instant Notifications

Smart notification ERP system helps you to stay alert regarding all the business process. While maintaining order management system in business notification is a must as it will help to notify the head person & the customer, whether the sale or purchase order is properly completed or not.

Centralised Accounting

The ERP system centralizes all the business and financial transactions easily and handles numerous accounts at once which will have an good impact on the overall status of a retail based business.

Effective People Management

Online solution in PrismERP helps to grow business rapidly and dealing becomes very much easier through phone call orders, which can be done easily from the system.

Online and Offline Order

Online solution in PrismERP helps to grow business rapidly and dealing becomes very much easier through phone call orders, which can be done easily from the system.


  • ERP Solution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement Solution
  • Inventory Control
  • Product Serial Solution
  • RMA Solution
  • E-commerce Solution
  • POS Solution

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