Automotive business is now easy to automate

Overcome contemporary industrial challenges with the comprehensive automotive solution by PrismERP

PrismERP Covers FOUR Major Functional Area of Automotive Industry

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

From planning required for production to full assembly maintaining proper quality management, cycle through the entire production process of your vehicles from a single and convenient platform with PrismERP 

Automotive Distribution

Automotive Distribution

Whether you’re dealing with individual dealers or trading from a direct OEM , PrismERP’s automotive distribution module exhibits remarkable operational efficiency, while empowering you to make you smarter and make more strategic business decisions.  

Automotive Servicing

Automotive Servicing

Tune and operate all maintenance based functionalities of your vehicles regardless of their types and controlling human resources according to the requirement of the particular service with PrismERP.

Automotive Scheduling

Automotive Scheduling

 Leverage the power of online booking by allowing your automotive clients to request appointments conveniently and keep them coming back for more and manage customer life cycle management with the robust scheduling features of PrismERP.

Automotive Manufacturing PrismERP

Automotive Manufacturing


The manufacturing process of the automotive industry is quite a rigorous and complex one. PrismERP’s manufacturing planning and control module allows you to efficiently and smartly plan your manufacturing events, step by step, floor by floor, equipment by equipment with statistical tabulation of all relevant manufacturing data starting from planning your required materials to scheduling your orders as they arrive to packing and shipping after operating full quality management. PrismERP gives you the freedom to make the production efficient, transparent and provides scope of optimization.  

Automotive Distribution

  • Efficient Dealer Tracking

Stay on track with the day-to-day activities of your dealers from a single platform with separate dealer portals in PrismERP.

  • Secondary Sales Management

We understand the significance of dealers and distributors in the automotive industry. That is where PrismERP is bringing to your fingertips a well articulated process of managing secondary sales of your goods.

  • Intuitive Demand Forecasting

Planning production of your upcoming orders becomes challenging without proper demand forecasting. PrismERP helps you forecast and plan materials you require quite easily.

  • Zone/Territory Management

Get full control over your dedicated territories/zones from tracking your sales persons to approving their corresponding commission/incentives from a single solution with PrismERP’s Territory Management module.

Automotive Distributions
Automotive Servicing

Automotive Servicing

  • Planning the 3 M’s of Automotive

Man, machine, materials, the three major M’s of the automotive industry are the key elements that require astute planning before running into action. PrismERP lets you plan all required resources for your floor efficiently.

  • Dynamic Packages for a Dynamic Business

The robust usability of PrismERP lets you configure any type of servicing packages for your customers based on your preferences and grow your business from within. 

  • One Stop WIP Service Tracker

PrismERP lets you track and record the status and phases of each of your orders while in ‘Work in Process’ to better understand the progress of your pending work and save time and effort.

  • Vehicle Servicing for all Types

Be it light vehicles, trucks and buses or even autonomous vehicles, you have the ability to operate servicing for multiple types of vehicles based on your business. 

Automotive Scheduling

  • Register Vehicle Profile on the Go

Register and track every single detail of your vehicles in PrismERP to help you out with scheduling orders for all types of vehicles.

  • Service Scheduling made Easy

The intuitive and dynamic user interface of PrismERP enables you to schedule and track servicing appointments quite easily.

  • Prompt Automated Alerts 

Assign and set automated reminders and notifications for your customers or employees to make communication between your customers and employees smoother.

  • Robust Customer Lifecycle Management 

From acquiring your customers to maintaining their service orders, PrismERP lets you operate the comprehensive life cycle of a customer for streamlined flow of operations.

Automotive Scheduling
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