Utility Billing

Establish a secured & organized billing system with user friendly interface

Smart application to operate all types of utility billings and generate automatic billing invoice with proper inputs

Avoiding Fraudulent Activities

Utility billing for electricity and gas distribution module helps stopping fraudulent activities at the meter side and software data. PrismERP algorithm help determine the disputes and keep audit logs, to avoid discrepancy.

Faster payment collection

In time bill generation, notices via paper and email/sms makes it fast to distribute and collect the payment from customers.

Online Bill Payment

Bank and Payment gateway integration is a built in feature with the utility billing module which helps distribution. A company may facilitate their customers to pay bill online and make the whole customer experience a better one

Metered Wise Billing

Metered billing is a plan based billing system. This bill usually generates with a usage fee which could be a monthly minimum, additional fees could be applied in case of extra usage. This billing system gives the customer the exact usage bills.

Non- Metered Wise Billing

The non metered billing comprises of bills which are flat rates of a unit. The billing wont be measuring the usage of utility which is a system often preferred by customers.

Prepaid Billing

With prepaid billing system customers achieve higher satisfaction as it promises lower utility operating costs. Customers can manage their usage of electricity, gas and water consumption by prepaid billing system.

Bulk Billing Process

Bulk billing process which is often used by an organization, industry, office- can also set their accounts and receive service from this process. The billing system eliminates the need to set up different billing systems instead collaborates multi site bills into a batch all at once.

Audit Trail Collection

An audit trail traces all detailed operations relating to the utility bill module. It also records the changes that has been made to any of the customer accounts or meter reading thus allowing no fraud or mistake in the system.

Customized Billing

Bills also generate based on customer types. For instance, freedom fighter list on the ERP system generates different types of utility bill arrangements specially created for the freedom fighters.

Bill Printing

The bill generation in PrismERP can be done with the labeling feature. The bills can be integrated with a customer's profile for easier identification.

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