An enterprise solution by an ERP acts as the complete operational hub for public companies

PrismERP has versatile core business modules which are capable to manage all administrative and managerial business propositions centrally.

Data transparency & accountability

Offers a comprehensive, end-to-end, self-contained Management System for monitoring the bottom line of across the units. PrismERP enables prompt and efficient access to required information which will enhance transparency

Demand Oriented Scalability

Extended clustering, flexibility, to adapt the growth of organization, provide customized information, integrate with other business applications and the ability of rapid changing customer which industry demands and execute in less time.

Comprehensive Security Elements

Controlling security threats such as external threats, data center operating and end-user security. Updating the version of the application regular basis to overcome the threats.

Modernized solution

Organized your business process into modern system which is totally independent in any platform.

Ensures security

Smart RMA SystemSystem protects business data from intruders, hackers in this independent platform

Ensures redundancy

Giving you the highest security for no data loss by ensuring redundancy to the system.

Real-time updates for stakeholders

Allows you to provide up-to-date data to individual business holders

Financial Management System

To ensure financial sustainability of business and maximizing profit the ERP system oversees assets, expenses and income.

Human Resource Management

Complete HRM solution helps to manage overall employee tracking and their profile as well as salary generation, attendance leave policy etc.

Fund Management

PrismERP ensures the cashflow of the business. Manages the deposits and the demands for loans to be able to offer credits.


  • ERP Solution
  • Security Solution
  • Data Center
  • Mobile Solution
  • CRM Solution
  • HRM Solution

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