By providing right information at the right time, PrsimERP ensures highest level of availability & support to the customer

The ERP system maximizes asset utilization, space, cooling and offers well-integrated solutions for managing data center which is feasible and can run on any platform

Allocate Resources Efficiently

Managing the data centre business by ERP system is important to learn about the state of resources and allocate the efficiently.

IT Asset Management

Data centers consists of huge IT assets which is the key of the business to manage in a efficient way by an ERP system to utilize them instantly upon free,

Server Auto Provisioning

Cloud machines require to provision automatically from the billing system under an ERP, upon requested or ordered by the clients; the system allows to manage cloud systems quite faster in an unmanned manner.

Uninterrupted Customer Service

The flow of realtime information from different sources enables fast and flawless customer service.

Realtime Revenue Recognition

ERP system ensures payment collection through multiple channels (direct bank, payment gateway, internet banking) & such channels provides realtime entries to the central system which help recognises the payment instantly upon collection.

Centralised System

A central ERP system controls all the branches, projects and point of presence (POP) which help to achieve the business goal and be compatible with world's latest technology

Quick Fault Detection

The crucial challenge of fault detection system of every aspect is eliminated by the implementing integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Service Billing Solution

The ERP System centralises the billing of all types of subscribers of a service company. Hence making the whole operation cost effective.

Complain and Call Centre

PrismERP facilitates multiple channels for complains to the central complain and call centre & provides complaints distribution to relevant zone, department, person.

Customer Portal

PrismERP enables end users to login into their own portal to have the access of information such as - invoices, payment records, portfolios etc.


  • ERP Solution
  • CRM Solution
  • Security Solution
  • Complain Management
  • Service Management
  • Call Center Solution

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