An enterprise application which is a complete operational hub for your entire business

PrismERP has innovative strategy in bridging ERP gap in the computer and Electronics industry. Our software is easy to install and it is a system that streamlines business transaction processes through automated planning, scheduling and fulfillment

A robust solution for your business

Platform Ready

PrismERP is a platform independent and ready system for your business. Easy to deploy, Easy to Learn, Intuitive and Lightweight System.

Integrated System

Forget your integration complexity. PrismERP is completely integrated with other modules and having the open options to integrate with 3rd party systems.

m-D Business Support

PrismERP supports almost every types of business by its presets. There are approximately 30 types of business are already implemented successfully.

Migrating Old Systems

Want to migrate from old traditional system (eg. Tally) to modern PrismERP System. Its Ready

Every Size Of Business

Small, Medium, Large Enterprises can acquire PrismERP because of its diversified design and pricing matrix

Every Job Role

PrismERP Meets demand for CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO

Every Type of Industry

PrismERP Addressing Trading, Distribution, Manufacturers, E-Commerce, Governments and rest of all


PrismERP has versatile core business modules which are capable to manned & manage administrative managerial business propositions entirely & centrally

- Cloud based

- High end

- Cluster supported

- Supports any database

- Deployment in any Platform

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