ERP Support

ERP System is not to purchase, it is a license based system to use and need regular support

Support & Updates

PrismERP support and update services ensures IT products are updated – we help you upscale software performance, security, usability and innovative technology.

Innovation is Key

PrismERP service and support teams are dedicated to provide supreme level of personalized service to clients, ensuring you gain a return on investment from your ERP System. That is why we introduced different methods of support packages

Features Standard Plus Premium
Support Availability : Our highly skilled technical staffs are available and accessible for unlimited support requests via email, fax or telephone
Response Time : Initial response on all service requests upon receipt by PrismERP team
Online Support : Use direct email links within the product to contact the PrismERP support team.
Telephone Support : Access qualified technicians to help you resolve issues and meet your objectives
Update & Upgrade : Get the latest product upgrades and general releases at no extra cost
Dedicated Support : Get a dedicated Support Technician to assist you who is knowledgeable with your account.
Designated Support Contacts : Select the authorized personnel from your organization to receive support from. Add additional contacts at any time for a nominal fee.