Security Management

Applications, Servers, Network Security and Audit is a Part of ERP System Implementation

Security Management

PrismERP ensures that everyone adjust and acquire new skills to keep up with the end user security management best practice. PrismERP provides the expertise your business needs across the full security lifecycle. We integrate security and protection technologies to ensure your IT system is safeguarded and monitored.

PrismERP ensures that everyone -- from desktop support to developers and database administrators -- adjust and acquire new skills to keep up with the end user security management best practice.

We have expertise in IT security, risk and availability management experience, we can help you predict and determine IT threats easily. We can manage security risk and compliance. We want you to focus on what matters most.

PrismERP provides the expertise your business needs across the full security life-cycle. We ensure your IT system is safeguarded and monitored.

We have the right solutions for you, from cyber security, through backup, recovery and continuity to a full package of 24/7 IT Security Services - PrismERP is there for you.

PrismERP ensure your information is secured and safeguarded.. The primary goal of information security is to control access to information. The value of the information is what must be protected. We ensure you get utmost confidentiality, integrity and availability of vital information for business intelligence.

Our approach at PrismERP is to ensure a set of policies and procedures for systematically managing an organization's sensitive data is put in place. The goal of PrismERP security management is ensure minimized risk and ensure business continuity by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach.

Why Security Management in ERP System

ERP keeps sensitive business information that is important to organization. The need for information protection becomes very important and essential to risk management in ERP deployment.

Security management integration to ERP solution helps you in assessing possible potential threats to the Implementation of ERP systems.. Considering security management in ERP implementation helps you in information classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis to identify threats, categories assets, and rate ERP system vulnerabilities so that they can implement effective controls.

How is PrismERP Secured?

As a master in ERP security management, we secure our PrismERP with OTP, Time Restriction, Time Restriction for Users, Hack proof Deployment Procedures and IP/Geo Location Based Restriction.

During the course of PrismERP implementation, we specify the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an efficient ERP System.

PrismERP support data security by identifying potential threats, assessing the effectiveness of existing controls to guide against those potential threats, determining the possible risks' consequence(s), prioritizing the potential risks by rating the likelihood and impact, classifying the type of risk and selecting appropriate security management strategy.

As a Master in ERP Deployment, we secure PrismERP systems with high level security management protocols.