Best ERP Software for Customer Relationship Management in BD

Successful companies know very well how important it is to take care of customers. Some do it maniacally, without ever neglecting any detail. But not every company can do the same. To achieve the best customer relation, you will need help- CRM.

prismERP has been designed to help you manage every aspect of the relationship with your customer. We manage your customer relationship management by exploiting the multiple contact channels, whether digital or traditional.

Here is everything you need to know about the best ERP software for customer relationship management in BD.


What Is CRM Software?

CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management."

It represents a means of monitoring and managing the interaction with prospects, potential customers, and customers. The more the customer evolves in the company's sales cycle, the more management is needed. And to manage this relationship, companies use ERP software that is known as CRM software.

The integrated management software package allows you to concentrate on running your business. Just like that, CRM software helps you focus on your client. Customer relationship management software helps companies to improve their customer relationships by organizing and automating communications. Also, it manages all activities within all departments that have direct contact with the customer (such as sales, marketing, and service).

Customer relationship management software offers automation that allows you to work efficiently and simply. And every customer interaction is kept in one place. That is why you and your team can nurture those relationships every step of the way.

As a manager, you can also enjoy clear visibility into the results of your sales and marketing campaigns. This helps you make more informed business decisions ever.

A CRM software is used to:

  • Manage your commercial activity,
  • Manage your customer relationship,
  • Collect, concentrate and analyze customer data,
  • Optimize your customer data management to obtain better results and, ultimately, improve your turnover.

This type of software concerns VSEs, SMEs, and startups, as well as large groups.

What Is the Benefit of Customer Relationship Management Software: Advantages and Disadvantages?

Among the advantages of CRM software:

  • The centralization of data customers and their security,
  • The customer tracking with a history in each client profile or profile prospect,
  • Better customer knowledge to increase their loyalty, etc.

As for the disadvantages, we can mention:

  • The time required for your CRM project to be completed, and the configuration of the tool, if applicable,
  • The cost of the tool.

But do these downsides really matter when they save you time focusing on your customers and increasing your sales?

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Why Use CRM Software?

Customer relationship management software allows employees to spend less time researching customer data. Instead, they get more time to develop and maintain relationships.

The centralized structure optimizes workflow. It allows professionals to communicate effectively both internally and with the client. As a result, you achieve a positive personal experience at every milestone.

The benefits don't end here. Here is a list of benefits of quality customer relationship management software for businesses:

Centralize Your Critical Information

CRM software helps you store customer data in a central and secure location. This information includes email and other communications histories. We are also talking about quotes, orders received, opportunities, and pending and resolved support requests.

All this information is grouped on a single medium; you have up-to-date information at all times.

Automate Your Sales

By using CRM software, you can automate multiple tasks, including:

  • Order fulfillment,
  • Lead management, and
  • Sales forecasting.

Manual tasks like scheduling sales calls are no longer necessary; everything is done automatically.

Distribute Targeted Marketing Campaigns

More targeted campaigns ensure a higher and faster return on investment. Our solution allows you to plan marketing campaigns and generate campaign reports in minutes.

Provide World-class Customer Service

Nurturing customer relationships will improve your retention rate and drive growth. And delivering an exceptional customer experience only results in increasing goodwill. As a result, your customers are happier than ever, and your competition is lagging.

Get Complete Visibility into Your Business

With customer relationship management software, you can produce reports for key areas of your business—for example, sales, customer service, leads, and marketing. You can even create custom reports that measure business performance against key performance indicators.

These types of reports help managers assess the financial condition of the business. Finally, he will be able to make more informed decisions.

Contact Management

Customer relationship management software is designed to manage your contact information. For each contact, you can store information such as phone numbers, email, and postal addresses. For example, a representative in the field will have access to a customer's details on his smartphone before meeting or calling him.

The Most Important Features in CRM Software

In marketing, the use of CRM software is essential today.

Indeed, this tool allows you to ensure sound management of the relationship with your customers. Moreover, it makes sure that the right prospects are sent to the sales representatives of your company. But what features should your CRM software have?

The Essential CRM Features and Applications:


Good CRM software includes a reporting function that is essential for customer management.

Indeed, this function generates summaries related to customer relations such as sales, marketing, expectations, etc.

The Daily Dashboard

In a company, each workstation must be able to visualize the important figures concerning its profession, for example, the number of contacts to be made, expected turnover, etc.

The software must determine the indicators with care. In fact, it is not necessary to provide users with information that is not obligatory for them.

It is therefore essential to provide each user with the information necessary and sufficient for his activity.

Contact Management

Here is another skill that your customer relationship management software should have.

This essential feature provides you with a wealth of information about your contacts.

You can then segment your database according to the criteria of your choice. All the fields in your CRM software are endless criteria for segmenting your targets. Moreover, the filter criteria are cumulative, so you will be able to query them as finely as necessary.

Marketing Functionalities and Analysis

To choose the CRM you need, make sure it has this feature. The marketing and analysis function allows you to study the behavior of your customers and potential prospects effectively.

The better you know it, the better you can send them personalized promotional offers. This is an exciting function that manages email, sending SMS, competitive intelligence, and statistical analyzes.

Data Capture

According to a recent study, it is proven that salespeople waste almost a third of their time while writing a report. This time goes to search for a document to write an offer and respond to their customers.

With the documentary function, you save time by using saved templates or by quickly accessing your documents.

Document Management

With this intuitive function, you can easily collect and pre-fill the most important fields of a document. For example, email, first and last name, telephone, etc. Documentary production (for example, a PDF document) is a significant stake in the added value provided by a CRM application.

Customization of Controls

As each company has different working methods, your CRM software must be as customizable as possible.

The software should reflect the business processes.

With CRM, personalization is very easy. Users do not need any software development skills. For example, adding a field or a table is done "with the mouse" instantly operational. prismERP CRM solutions allow this "real-time" operation.

Complaints Management

With this module, you can create all possible complaints in your CRM. You can link them to the right client and process their request much faster.

The CRM application then takes on its whole meaning by becoming collaborative. As a result, all of your teams have the same level of information at the same time.

You are then notified of said comments and complaints while measuring the performance of your after-sales teams.

Why PRrismERP is The Best Customer Relationship Management for All Kinds of Teams?

As a prismERP customer, you can choose fully integrated customer relationship management software. Or you have the options of different sales, marketing, or service modules to meet your business needs. You can:

  • Benefit from reliable information and act accordingly
  • Assess your business situation and make more informed business decisions.
  • Understand your customers better
  • Give customers an exceptional experience to improve their loyalty and drive your revenue growth.

Why Choose Us? Here's Why:

  • Business Suit: Don't settle for simple billing software; opt for integrated business management.
  • Simple to Use: Designed with the latest generation web technologies. Modern and intuitive, easy for everyone.
  • 360 ° Customer Management: Real-time control of everything that happens to your customers.
  • 100% Cloud and Mobile: You can choose to work from anywhere and on any device. All online, continuously updated, and safe.
  • Benefit From Reliable Information and Act Accordingly: Assess your business situation and make more informed business decisions.
  • Understand Your Customers Better: Give customers an exceptional experience to improve their loyalty and drive your revenue growth.
  • Collaborate More Effectively: Avoid duplication of work and empower your teams to work faster and smarter. By advocating a single solution, everyone gets more involved and becomes more efficient.
  • Boost Team's Performance: With access to a wealth of business information, your sales staff are armed to sell better and more effectively without ever missing a significant sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can a CRM Help My Business?

CRM helps get new leads, centralize customer data, automate the sales service, and eventually improve customer service. You'll have access to the precise data you need to make informed decisions. The better the service is, the better the business will be.

What Are the 3 Main Elements of CRM Software?

The 3 main elements of CRM software are:

  • Customer service;
  • Lead management;
  • Marketing functionalities and analysis.

What Are the Objectives of CRM?

The main objective of CRM is to develop the business by enhancing and improving the relationship between a customer and the company.

Bottom Line

In 2021, the customer must be the number one concern of every business. And customer relationship management software is the essential tool for success. Not only do you retain your customers, but your prospecting is also improved, and your results are enhanced.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of a free trial to discover all the features of this software and what it can bring to your business! Have you made your choice?

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