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Procurement management is a key function of a company. It involves managing orders and deliveries between suppliers and vendors. Apparently, the overall process can be extremely lengthy and complex. Thus, using the best procurement management software can make the process smoother. Further, procurement management software makes the complete process automated. So how does it work? What features a good procurement software must have? In this article, we will look into the details of all these. At the end of the article, you will know about some of the best procurement management software you can use. Let’s get started.

What Is Procurement Management Software?

Procurement management processes are a necessity of any company ranging from small to big. An efficient procurement management process will help you get out of the manual activities. You can have a digital solution through procurement management software.

Thus, procurement management software digitalizes the company’s purchase and procurement processes. It involves a lot of functions under procurement management. They can be as follows:

  • Assessing and issuing tenders
  • Getting and confirming purchase orders
  • Picking and shipping the order
  • Generating the order invoice
  • And invoice payments

Procurement management software works with all these things. As a result, the company functions faster and smoother. No order can pass through without the approval of the software. Thus, you can rely on an automated system instead of a paper-based approach.

Almost all the large international enterprises use procurement management software for their supply chain departments. It makes the overall process regulation much simpler. And companies can focus on more structured methods to run their businesses.

What Are Procurement Tools?

There are several tools under procurement management. Those tools are functions you can work with to automate them. This will make the overall process more efficient and cost-effective.

Here are a few procurement tools you can work with.

Requisition of purchase

The purchase requisition is the first key function of procurement management. It enables everyone to request purchases from designated vendors. As a result, staff members can keep track of orders they place. The automated system of the software can greatly help in this area.

Order purchasing

As the name suggests, order purchase is the next tool in procurement. Once you request an order, you purchase it afterward. A manual process of the task involves paper-based entries of the order. Whatever purchase requisition is approved, the software will direct them to purchase orders.

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Approving the invoice

This is one of the major areas of procurement. It involves approving and processing invoices for orders. In this regard, procurement management software can make the process more efficient. The software can process the information of the invoice to find out different data, including supplier names, contract payouts, or PO limits.

Managing the vendors

Almost every company handles this tool manually. This involves selecting vendors for the order. However, the overall process can be very time-consuming. An automated system can enhance the process with background checks, RFQ reviews, and follow-ups with missing information.

Contract management

Contract management is working with the contracts in and across the company. The tool helps companies to manage contract checkups easily. You can also use a procurement management system to attach the information to vendors. As a result, anyone can access the contracts easily.

Procurement Software Features

The procurement software is a very handy system for an organization. The overall buyer and supplier processes are automated for the system. Procurement software has many features. The most important ones are as follows:

Inventory and asset management

Procurement management software can automate the inventory and asset management processes. The system can approve requests, integrate company strategies, policies, and regulations, and many other things.

Managing the billing process

Automation in billing is a great feature of procurement software. It helps the company to stay away from frauds and duplications. The invoice generation is also automated. Thus, the overall process runs smoother.

Vendor management

Users can keep track of vendor information, relation, and performance with the software.


The software automatically works to approve simple or complex orders. You can also customize the system. And there are email-driven notifications as well.

Real-time budget

Procurement software can show you a real-time budget. It can compare the spending with goals. And then, you will come across a budget plan that suits the company best.

Risk management

Like any other software, you can manage company risks with this system. It also offers tremendous benefits to the company.

Catalog and order management

Using procurement software will reduce the workload of your administration. The software offers one centralized catalog to display all the products. This makes the product selection process very simple.

Supplier lifecycle management

This is the primary function of procurement management software. It helps identify, manage, and analyze the supply chain process. As a result, both supplier and buyer can track the progress of orders.

Smooth integration

This is a top feature of procurement management software. This feature involves linking the software with other third-party systems. That can be accounting systems, finance cloud, and others.

Automating Procurement in a Post-Pandemic World

Procurement management is much more important in a post-pandemic world. It will give the companies with better efficiency.

Here are some benefits companies will come across from automatic procurement:

  • Addressing all types of global spending
  • Tracking real-time market analytics
  • Real-time budget data with savings and cost analysis
  • Increasing agility and mitigating risks
  • Enhancing growth with sustainability

Along with the benefits, companies will need to keep track of new technologies. Notably, Procurement software can be integrated with AI and cognitive computing.

As a result, companies will lean more towards the system for analysis and strategies. However, you will have to crowdsource more than before. And finally, be aware of digital risks for the system.

How to Deploy the Best Procurement Software

Procurement software can help your company reduce supply-related costs. You can leverage the relationship with your supplier. And in return, you gain transparency to the overall procurement process.

So, getting the right procurement software for your business is key. But how can you deploy the best one in the market?

Here are a few things that you must always consider:

Your budget

The best procurement software should align with your budget – not too costly or too cheap. The most-suited software is timely delivered as well.


The best service providers are the easiest to communicate with. You should have a clear idea of what your company requires. So tell the service provider about your needs and demands.


Choosing a user-friendly product is extremely crucial. This is something that can make or break your procurement strategy. The software should be easy to use. And the customer support should be robust.

Best Procurement Management Software for 2021

By now, you should be determined to choose procurement software for your business. We are in 2021, and there are plenty of options in the market.

Here are some of the best ones you will come across:


The first software on the list is PrismERP. It is a versatile procurement solution for any business. Thereby, companies can manage administrative activities with this software.

PrismERP is a cloud-based system. It supports any database and can be integrated with any old system. This makes the software one of the most exciting ones in the market.

Some features of the system are easy integration, business support, and platform independence.

Kissflow Procurement Cloud

This is very flexible software for users. The platform is also very easy to use. You can manage vendor information, purchase request, orders, and other tasks. The simplicity of the system makes it one of the best choices.

The dashboard interface of the platform is easily customizable as well. It is a very popular procurement software globally.


Fraxion is a famous platform for growing businesses. It is a cloud-based software and is widely popular for its reporting feature. You can also perform budget strategies and payment processing on the platform.


Tradogram is a highly rated eProcurement software. Many international businesses use this software. The platform can be linked with multiple departments of the company.

Tadogram has a very easy-to-use interface. You can simply use all the procurement tools within your company. Also, the database gives transparency and leverage. You can analyze and strategize the costs and expenditure of the orders as well.


This is one of the leading procurement software worldwide. It is one of the procurement software that has the AI system integrated. As a result, users can get powerful reports, task completion, and data integration with this system.


Procurify is another cloud-based solution for procurement processes. It can help centralize the procurement management of the company. Again, the software provides real-time analytics. As a result, companies can make quicker and more efficient decisions.


Choosing procurement management software can be tough. There are many options in the market. But the best ones always come with some common features.

The most considerate thing to do is align the system with your objectives. Your goals and targets should be achievable with the software you use. And finally, look into the offers and subscription options of the systems.



What is a procurement system?

A procurement system allows you to automate the procurement management processes of the company. This includes order requisition, order confirmation, invoice generation, and many more.

How many stages are there in a procurement process?

A complete procurement has 7 stages. They are:

  • Recognizing needs
  • Recognizing purchases
  • Reviewing requisition
  • Process solicitation
  • Contract and evaluation
  • Generating invoice
  • Keeping records

What is eProcurement software?

eProcurement software is as same as the regular ones. This one just allows users to use the system online. You gain access to an integrated network. And then, you do every procurement task in the online system.

What skills do I need for procurement?

Procurement management has become almost completely automated these days. Thus, you need research, data analysis, strategic thinking, and many other qualities for procurement.

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