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Produce-based businesses need inventory management to function smoothly. Fleet vehicles are a fundamental part of this. Companies need to monitor, track, and manage fleets to ensure the best delivery of shipments. But it can be extremely difficult to manage everything manually. Using industry-leading fleet management software is key to manage inventory. Many businesses struggle with managing and tracking customer orders. A fleet management system integrates many different activities related to the fleet. You can manage shipment, delivery, vehicle route, driver behavior, maintenance, and risk assessment. There are many more exciting things you can do easily. So, let’s dive into the descriptive conversation of fleet management software.

What Is Fleet Management?

When you are running a business, managing inventory is crucial. You will have to track shipment, delivery, payments, and many more. Your business will be dealing with a lot of products. And managing them manually would become impossible at one point.

As a result, you need fleet management software. A fleet management software is a tracking system for your inventories. You can track and schedule shipments, delivery routes, product numbers and reduce risks with it. The operational costs and delivery time gets minimized when you use a fleet management system.

Many people often get confused with fleet maintenance software. That is a whole different thing. It manages the materials, parts, workforce of production – fleet management system is much broader than fleet maintenance systems. You can manage the whole company inventory and anything related to it with a fleet management system.

How does a Fleet Management System Work?

Any fleet management system works with multiple components. All of them together function the fleet management system.

Here they are:


There are several varieties of software under the fleet management system. Different software works different functions. The software makes it easily accessible to manage the fleet of the company.

Maintenance planning

The fleet management system includes regular maintenance planning. The system runs safety checks of the vehicles. It will also alert you whenever you miss a safety check. The overall system is automated and advanced.

Security systems

The Fleet management system also includes security management. For example, some system has options to control the vehicle centrally.

As a result, you can stop or reduce the speed from wherever you are whenever there is any theft. You can also check the GPS tracker of the vehicle and share information with the security enforcer.

Warranty tracking

Tracking warrants and parts can be highly beneficial for your fleet. The fleet management system includes warranty tracking as well. The system is completely automated.


Telematics means the combination of GPS tracking with sensors. You can record the location and speed of the vehicle with real-time monitoring. As a result, you can make improvements in shipping time and fuel consumption accordingly.

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What Is the Cost of a Fleet Management System?

The costs of a fleet management system will vary depending on quite a few things. The total costs will also differ according to the subscription plan you choose.

On average, a fleet management system will cost you around $35 per month for one vehicle. Since we are working with a fleet of vehicles, the cost will be higher. It can be as much as $6500 a year for a fleet of 10 vehicles.

Different features of the software will make the cost higher or lower. For example, having a GPS tracker will increase the final expenses. A basic plan is always the cheapest. The more options you have to maneuver with, the higher the costs.

Common Fleet Management Software Features

Fleet management software has many different features. But there are some common ones that you will find in every one of them.

Here are 5 key features you will find in a fleet management system.

Scheduling and dispatching delivery

Fleet management systems can schedule the deliveries of products. They have a GPS tracking system enabled to track the dispatched. You can monitor real-time deliveries and analyze the utilization of assets.

Management of rates and quotes

Finding a cost-efficient partner for your carrier is essential. Fleet management systems come with that too. You can manage rates and make quote comparisons to pick the best-suited one for you.

Fleet maintenance

Every fleet management software has a fleet maintenance system. This way, you can manage and track the complete fleet – you can also schedule maintenance to prevent risks. And the system will alert you when maintenance is due.

Load optimization

When you are shipping products, you will need to manage cargo loads. This will enable you to ship the maximum possible products in one cargo.

Fleet management systems allow you to consider the dimensions, weight, and volume of the cargo. As a result, you can ship a high number of products in one go.

Planning and optimizing routes

You will also need to plan the routes of the shipment. This allows you to minimize fuel consumption. Every fuel management software includes route planning and optimization. As a result, you can ensure the fuel efficiency of the cargo.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

If you are looking for fleet management software, you need to know why you need it. And the best answer comes by knowing the type of buyer you are.

Here are some of the major buyers who will need such a system in their businesses.

Third-party logistics firms (3Ps)

As the name suggests, these buyers look after the logistics department. This includes transportation, warehousing, and outsourcing. So, this type of firm needs a fleet management system to cover the mentioned activities.

Private fleets

This type of business represents transportation services. But their core activity is not related to transportation. Their business relates to trucking and shipping. So, they need a fleet management system to track dispatching and control inventory.

Freight forwarders and brokers

Freight brokers match shippers and carriers together – they work as intermediaries. Freight forwarders work the same way as freight brokers.

But they also manage physical possession of the shipments. Both of them need fleet management software for scheduling, CRM, warehousing, and load optimization.

For-hire carriers

For-hire carriers manage and transport cargo for various businesses. They need fleet management software to control inventory. The system enables them to manage and track dispatchment and delivery.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

You must already have some idea about the benefits of fleet management software. But there is more to it than you could imagine.

Here are 3 major advantages you will get from fleet management systems.

Better customer satisfaction

Customers would want to know the updates on their ordered products. Fleet management software allows customers to track their orders. The software also enables you to plan quicker delivery for premium customers.

All in all, you can give customers the best shopping experience. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction.

Maximizing fuel efficiency

You can use fleet management software to track fuel consumption and costs. You can also check the fastest route to delivery. Thus, you can maximize the fuel efficiency of your shipments.

Increase in profit margin

Tracking and monitoring shipments allow you to understand order and delivery. This can be greatly possible with the fleet management system. And eventually, you will notice better results through an increase in profit margin.

Considerations for Selecting Fleet Management Software

Before we look into the best fleet management systems, you need to choose the best ones. There are certain things you will need to consider about fleet management software.

We have accumulated the two most important considerations.

Customer support

Customer support is key for most software you use for your business. The first thing to check is the cost of customer support. The costs might increase as you use the software more.

Also, your team needs to be comfortable in using the software support system. The support system needs to align with your work time as well.

Your business needs

The next thing to consider is the business needs you have with the system. For example, you might have fleets with heavy vehicles. For them, you need a system that can manage fuel consumption. Thus, the fleet management software must include great analytical abilities.

Best Fleet Management Software

We are into the main topic of conversation. The article has enlisted a few of the best fleet management software for you.

So, here they are:


PrismERP is an integrated system for your business. You can use this software for many different purposes. It is a complete solution to manage the functional activities of inventory in a business.

You get features like:

  • Cloud computing
  • Cluster support
  • Database system
  • Any platform deployment
  • 4 different subscription plans


Fleetio is a famous intuitive platform. Businesses of any size and structure can use this system.

Some features of Fleetio are as follows:

  • Monitoring equipment
  • Multifunctional mobile app and web-based software
  • Viewing vehicle location and integration
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Overseeing inspection and assigning works
  • Getting geofence alerts
  • Notifying with vehicle status and task dashboard

Pros of Fleetio

The Fleetio platform has 2 weeks free trial period. As a result, you can check the integration of the platform with your company first. After that, you can buy monthly or yearly plans that are very affordable. The overall experience of the system is quite satisfactory too.

Cons of Fleetio

One of the major disadvantages of Fleetio is its reporting options. It is quite weak for the liking of many. There are also no tracking opportunities for vehicles. And it is quite tough to learn the usage of the software.

Momentum IoT

Momentum is a good fleet management software with tracking devices. You gain access to your expensive assets, and there are no extra costs for transparency.

Here are some features you get from the software:

  • GPS telematics
  • Options to group assets
  • Vehicle trips and mileage report
  • Different alerts like speeding, low battery, and others
  • Geolocation options
  • Fuel consumption data
  • Email or text notifications

Pros of Momentum IoT

The best thing about the software is its tracking devices. You do not have to pay extra for them. The trackers are also durable and can take heavy loads.

Cons of Momentum IoT

The worst thing about the software is that there is no mobile app option. Also, there are only a few self-service resources available for you.


This software is highly popular for its responsive customer support. You also get access to a high number of self-service resources. The main priority of the software is customer support. So, you will also find real-time chat services in the app or website.

Some more features of the software include:

  • How-to videos as many as 22
  • Product specifications and manuals
  • Geofencing
  • High-quality reports
  • Live weather update
  • Setting up and managing shipment routes

Pros of USFleetTracking

You don’t need any contract to use the application. Once you install the software, you can activate any device online. And also, there are multiple device selection options for users.

Cons of USFleetTracking

If you want to use the mobile tracking option, you must pay $10 extra per month. Also, the mobile app doesn’t work as well as the website.


Avrios is one of the easiest fleet management systems to use. Anyone in your team can use the software without any training.

Here are some more features:

  • Centralized transportation and fleet management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Step-by-step guide inside the app
  • Driver and vehicle database
  • Monitoring Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Driver training program
  • Cost estimation through AI

Pros of Aviros

Aviros is the simplest application to use. You can assign any task to any employee without any training. Also, the software has free plans with an excellent interface.

Cons of Aviros

Aviros does not have any vehicle tracking device. There is no FMCA-compliance mentioned as well.

HQ Rental Software

This software is a combination of different systems. You get fleet management, telematics, and online reservation inside one application.

Other features involve:

  • Website plugin
  • CRM program
  • Vehicle maintenance and documentation
  • Automated customer emails
  • Managing repair orders
  • Automated fuel tracking system

Pros of HQ Rental

HQ Rental software also has a 14-day free trial period. It is a cost-effective solution for your fleet management system.

Cons of HQ Rental

If you want telematics, you need to take a separate subscription option. Another disadvantage is that you get limited support for lower plans.


An industry-leading fleet management software is the key to manage inventory. It can run many important functions for your fleet. And there are several benefits as well.

But before choosing fleet management software, consider the two most important things. You need to understand your business needs and the support system of the software.

After that, you have many options to choose from. The easiest way is to compare the pros and cons of the list and check their features.



What is the best fleet management system?

The best fleet management system differs from company to company. Fleetio is considered an overall choice for many. But other software has different best things about them.

What should I look for in fleet management software?

You should look for the following things in fleet management software:

  • GPS tracking
  • Customer services
  • Route performance
  • Risk maintenance
  • Safety
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Integration
  • Usability

Why do I need a fleet management system?

A fleet management system is necessary to operate vehicles smoothly. You can track, monitor, and manage your fleet more efficiently with fleet management software.

What are some challenges of fleet management?

The manual fleet management process has many challenges. They can be:

  • Shortage of drivers
  • Vehicle digitalization
  • Fuel costs and consumptions
  • Route optimization
  • Driver behavior
  • Environmental controls

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