What is ERP and How It can Help your business grow

Enterprise Resource Planning is a solution or a system designed for an organization to manage daily business operations such as accounting, sales, procurement, production, project management, manufacturing and many more depending on the needs of clients.

ERP Growth

In today’s era, ERP system is very much popular around the globe for managing various size of businesses of many industries. Business value of ERP is not to be ignored in today’s business world. ERP can be implemented in two ways. Web based or desktop-based system. The ultimate goal of ERP system is to provide an independent platform that will act as a central workforce of an organization and improving the flow of data of all your business process.

Customization is one of the key figures in ERP solution through which an organization’s complex business process can be developed into the system quite easily. Besides that, integration of other applications or mogration of data from any device is possible with ERP system to keep up-to date with your business activities.

What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning that utilizes the cloud computing platforms and services in order to deliver easy going business process for a company.

The term Cloud computing defines the delivery of hosted service over the Internet which provides the ability to access the ERP application all around the world, so that business functions can be managed from anywhere around the corner through the web or any devices (Not necessarily it has to be any device but it gives the ability to get access to the ERP application from any point through web).

For any industry, it will approach as an opportunity for business to completely transform how it uses and pays for information technology. This will help to maintain a feasible ERP application based on cloud so that you may face less risk while managing the ERP application.

What is Standalone ERP?

Standalone ERP system is a business application which is limited to specific area, system or device. This application does not integrate with any other functional areas. The access becomes limited to a certain place only. Usually in standalone ERP all the data and business procedure functions are maintained by an authorised person of the company, all other access is restricted. Unlike Cloud-ERP, Standalone ERP works on a particular device or system and has no other access point, but only from a specific system. So, all the data related to business procedure will be managed through one single user with the Standalone ERP application, it will not be exposed to anyone else of the company except a certain person engaged with it.

How ERP helps in growth of Business?

When you think about the business growth, it grows without any limitation. This growth can put greater pressure on the business management solutions & can get complicated if you don’t have proper business management software. Role of ERP will be to focus on the business management complexities and provide a feasible automated solution that will not change your business plans rather it will alter your business management procedure.

At a certain level, business management solutions can be managed and worked for a while but as the advancement of business technologies and solutions goes by, it gets harder to manage manually. ERP Business software comes into play to manage those things feasibly. Some of the problems are mentioned below by which ERP system can be solved:

1) Amount of data when it reaches a limit of database on a typical software which might slow down your data collection and management process. An ERP software can tackle those areas of complexity in order to make the workers or employees of an organization collect those data easily and faster.

2) Supporting of new operations and upcoming innovations in order to expand your product line or growth in market. An ERP solution will help you collaborate with the upcoming business operations by providing customized and various modules. 

3) Collection of data in spreadsheets, using inadequate business software as well as other manual procedure might take time or even lead you to do mistakes randomly producing distractions.

Business Agility is also vital when it comes to better growth of business. Being agile with ERP will help to modernize your business strategy and corporate environment. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure your business agility with the ERP solution:

1) Data Analysis with real-time business intelligence

2) Process developing encouragement

3) Mobile technology integration and its benefits

4) Complete Automation Process Ensuring

5) Cloud based architecture

How PrismERP can help to grow your business?

PrismERP is an independent platform and a centralized ERP system that can operate the entire business functions in real time. With the use of advance technologies, it offers an entire set of innovative and comprehensive solution typically for any size of businesses. The core tools that PrismERP focuses on are the functionality, analytics, security, mobile capabilities and API integration tools. The real time intelligence of the application allows you to go for a complete data analysis, flow of information and eliminates the gap of information in an organization. It also provides range of customization, flexibility and integrating options depending on the type of business and demand of clients. The solutions provided by PrismERP are fully automated so that it can help an organization to focus on uplifting the business strategy. 

Core solution that PrismERP serves are:

1) Financial Accounting

2) Inventory Management

3) Sales & Purchase

4) Procurement

5) Human Resource Management

6) Supply Chain Management

7) Customer Relationship Management

8) Support Ticketing System

9) Project Management

10) Commercial Management

11) Service Billing & Utilities

12) Asset Management

13) Production Management

14) Merchandising Management System

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