A platform with the highest order of security for the military services

PrismERP maintains highest level of security compliance including ISO 27001 for data and system security. We design by integrating business process and communication tool by serving as an ERP hub

Secured Communications

Military is a sophisticated department of each government, they need highest security using the ERP systems or communications tools. PrismERP ensures higher level security for the military deliveries.

Encryption Text or Voice

In the military communications tool, we ensure complete encryption for the text or voice communications, file transfer , data sharing etc.

Customized Protocol

We provide customised protocol for voice and text communications for militaries as they require to stay on the sophisticated and uninterrupted channel.

Centralised System

A central ERP system controls all the branches, projects and point of presence (POP) which help to achieve the business goal and be compatible with world's latest technology

Quick Fault Detection

The crucial challenge of fault detection system of every aspect is eliminated by the implementing integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Effective People Management

Strong HRM solution is a must for military purpose and ERP system ensures the most organized solution to manage all the army stuff related to their organization with proper rules and regulation related to their duty.

Highly Secured System

Ensuring the highest order of security in this ERP system so that the data access and communication remains internal among the head person of the military group and ensures data, hardware, networking safety at all cost.

Collaborative Communications

Internal communication for various operations becomes hassle free by the ERP system and organized way of sharing internal things becomes easier through this solution.

Complain and Call Centre

Internal communication is a very important issue for military purpose as well as all the other services such as public service complains, issue and problems around different areas all of those can be easily managed through this secured ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Management

An ERP system handles varieties of unmanageable assets of an enterprise precisely. It covers up all type of unwanted assets as well as crucial assets that are highly secured and used for military intelligence and accurate asset depreciation calculation.

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